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h1. Resource Guides

The documents on this page are intended to serve as both quick-start guides and on-going references for the various target audiences.
* [General Information|Resource Guide - General Information]
* [CS Faculty|Resource Guide - CS Faculty]
* [CS Staff|Resource Guide - CS Staff]
* [CS Undergrads|Resource Guide - CS Undergrads]
* [CS Grads|Resource Guide - CS Grads]
** This guide also has additional information for TAs.
** [TA Orientation Slides - Spring 2012|^CS-TAOrientation-Spring2012.pdf]
** [New Grad Student Orientation Slides - Spring 2012|^CS-NewGradStudentOrientation-Spring2012.pdf]
** you can also download a pdf version of these slides by clicking the paperclip in the top left corner of this page.

The following URLs are easier to remember shortcuts to the guides:
* [|]
* [|]
* [|]
* [|]

{tip}Email suggestions for additional guides to [|].