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ABE 100 B ♦ Fall 2013 ♦ Credit: 1 hour ♦ CRN 31263 ♦ Lecture-Labs on Tuesdays, 1:00-2:50 PM ♦ Room 204 AESB

Your Instructors:

Dr. Richard S. Gates
Email: rsgates@illinois.edu
Office: 360C AESB
Office Hours: By Appt

Dr. Angela Green
Email: angelag@illinois.edu
Office: 332G AESB
Office Hours: By Appt after Nov. 15


Other people to know:


ABE Student Academic Program Coordinator:

Anne Marie Boone

Email: aboone@illinois.edu 


Course Schedule - Fall 2013

Course Description

ABE 100 is an introduction to the engineering profession with career opportunities in the agricultural and biological engineering discipline.  Interactive class activities include concepts necessary for becoming a successful engineer including time management, design concepts, ethics, and team building.  Students become familiar with laboratories, computer facilities, internships, and other opportunities that are available to agricultural and biological engineering students.  A team design experience is included.  Class emphasis is on problem-solving skills, technical communication, and career planning.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • describe the principles of engineering design and project management;
  • function on multidisciplinary teams;
  • communicate effectively;
  • have an awareness of the global impact of engineering decisions, as well as a sense of professional, ethical, and societal responsibility; and
  • identify career opportunities in the agricultural and biological engineering discipline.

Course Policies and Grading

Course Rules. Please be respectful to your peers and keep distractions during class time to a minimum. The use of cell phones and laptops during class is prohibited unless the activity at that time requires their use.

Course Resources. You will need a clicker, and you will need to bring it to every class. There is no required text for ABE 100.

Course Grade. The grade favors those who actively participate in class discussions and group activities.  Course grade will be based on the following:

Evaluation Proportion of Grade
  Grading Scale
Class Attendance and Participation
  A = 90% and above
Student Club Meetings
  B = 80 - 89%
  C = 70 - 79%
Video Project
25%   D = 60 - 69%
Challenge Project
  F = 59% and below

Class Attendance (10%).  Regular and punctual attendance at all class sessions is the responsibility of the student.  College work proceeds at such a pace that regular attendance is necessary in order for you to obtain maximum benefits from instruction.  All absences are matters to be resolved between you and the instructors.  In the event you find it necessary to be absent from a class, it is your responsibility to make up resulting deficiencies.  To receive full attendance credit, you may miss no more than two classes.

Student Club Meetings (10%).  Students are highly encouraged to participate in student organizations, such as ASABE Illinois Student Chapter, Illini Pullers, Engineers Without Borders, Solar Decathlon, etc.  Students are required to attend at least three student club meetings through the semester: one from ABE, one from outside ABE in the College of Engineering or ACES, and one outside of their program/colleges.  For each meeting, the student must submit to the course wiki a 250-word report/reflection on what transpired at the meeting.  Acceptable clubs for this assignment must be professional oriented and related to agriculture, engineering, or a related area.  Social or sports clubs are not acceptable. If you are unsure if a club is acceptable, please ask Dr. Green or Dr. Gates.

Homework (20%).  Homework assignments are distributed throughout the semester, some larger than others.  Neatness counts!  Illegible work will be returned and not be graded. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling will be considered in grading.  Late homework will be graded but reduced 10% per day, up to a maximum of 50%.  All homework to be handed in is due at the start of class on the due date. All homework to be submitted via wiki MUST be posted by midnight on the due date.

Video Project (25%). A short educational video will be created by each team assigned in class. Topics will cover current issues in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and related disciplines.  Students will be responsible for gathering information, organizing, and presenting in an informative but entertaining manner.  Each student will be required to consult with personnel in ABE. More details to be provided in class.

Challenge Project (35%).  The challenge projects are intended to promote peer-learning and practice task-based problem-solving and technical communication skills. Project options will be presented during class and each student will be assigned a team based on their interest. Each team will have a project mentor specific to their project, but will be responsible for ultimate success of the project. At the end of the semester, students will present a 3' x 4' poster based on their project to the class and ABE Department. More details to be provided in class.

Academic Integrity

It is the responsibility of the student to refrain from infractions of academic integrity (e.g., cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, etc.), from conduct that may lead to suspicion of such infractions, and from conduct that aids others in such infractions.  Questions of academic integrity will be addressed following Part I, Section 402 of the Student Code.  Violations of this code will be addressed with appropriate and allowable disciplinary action.

ABE Freshman/Sophomore Academic Advising

Please visit the ABE Advising Webpage for information about your advisor and links to helpful resources.

ABE freshmen and sophomores are advised by Drs.Angela Green (angelag@illinois.edu) and Rich Gates (rsgates@illinois.edu).  Your advisor is generally assigned by the first letter of your last name. 2013 Freshmen/2014 Sophomores, last name beginning: A-M Green or N-Z Gates.  You may also seek advice from Ms. Boone or the ABE Chief Advisor Dr. Alan Hansen.

Other Resources

You may find the resources at the following link to be helpful with respect to study aids and assistance, personal challenges, and other events that may arise.  You are advised to take a pro-active approach to your university activities and take advantage of the available resources to help with your transition to college life and learning. RESOURCE PAGE

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