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{center}*Marina Danilevsky*{center}
*Research Advisor:* Jiawei Han


My current project involves automatically discovering meaningful organizations within information networks (e.g. people who tend to collaborate on papers, terminology which is semantically unrelated but should be lumped together in a domain-specific context, etc). However, constructing meaningful networks from real data, and analyzing them in a reasonable timespan requires thoughtful approaches, often involving parallelization at both the algorithm and coding stages. This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience with data mining and information retrieval problems applied to messy real-world data. I am also open to tackling ideas that you propose in this vein - there are so many problems to be solved\!

*Mentee's Commitment:*

Around 3-5 hrs/week
Around 3-5 hrs/week, will vary

*Desired Coursework:*

Preferable that student has parallelization and multi-threaded coding experience. Previous experience with processing large datasets is preferred, as are statistical courses, or statistical / mathematical aptitude. Experience with any data mining / information retrieval /algorithm courses a plus.\\