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h6. EduWrite (Jon Tedesco, Jiawei LI, Will Parkin, Sang Ho Lim, Janaki Prasad, Andrew Otto, Kevin Duber, Joe Gonzalez):

We had an obscure error with Ubuntu. Specifically, a few members of our team upgraded some packages of Ubuntu (unknown which packages caused this error), which corrupted the Mysql socket file in Ubuntu. Reinstalling mysql was ineffective, even purging {color:}{_}mysql-server _{color}{color:#222222}and {color}{color:#222222}{_}mysql-client{_}{color}{color:#222222} couldn't purging _mysql-server _{color:#222222}and {color}{color:#222222}{_}mysql-client{_}{color}{color:#222222} couldn't fix the error. The only known fix for this was to do {color}{color:#222222}{_}apt-get purge mysql-\*_{color}{color:#222222}, removing all stored mysql data and all mysql-related packages, then reinstalling {color}{color:#222222}{_}mysql-server{_}{color}{color:#222222} and {color}{color:#222222}{_}mysql-client{_}{color}{color:#222222} again. It's apparently a known bug that this occasionally happens with Ubuntu package upgrades (not system upgrades\!\!), and this was the only fix found on one of many, many Ubuntu forums. Likewise, node.js simply reported an error connecting to mysql initially (no details), so this was a bit tricky to sort out.{color}

h5. Week of February 27