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General Information on Drops (and Adds)

The University of Illinois has a very liberal policy on course drops.  Students may drop freely any unrestricted course up to mid-term as long as they remain full time.  However, note that there is a range of courses restricted by the College of Engineering and by the Departments which can only be dropped freely up to the tenth day of class.  Therefore, there are TWO late drop deadlines for regular semester courses: 1) Mid-term of the semester for UNRESTRICTED courses; 2) the TENTH day of classes for RESTRICTED courses.

Half-semester courses will have different deadlines to reflect their reduced length.  The FIFTH day of the class for the course is the deadline fro add or free drop. 

The general Campus drop deadlines apply to unrestricted courses.  Check here the campus deadlines. Please read the policy very carefully.  Drop requests after the deadlines are NOT automatically accepted.

For a list of Engineering restricted courses and related drop policies, students should refer here.

Students who wish to drop a class after the campus drop deadline MUST have extenuating circumstances beyond their control that directly affected academic performance, e.g. documented illness, personal emergency or crisis, etc. Requests of this nature are taken seriously and must be well supported through documentation. Students should always contact the Dean of Students office for documentation (e.g. illness, medical, psychiatric, personal, etc.) and McKinley when sick.

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