Mac OS X Print Queue Problems

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Restarting print queues doesn't print queued jobs

This is a problem we've seen crop up when people move their system amongst a variety of networks. For some reason, Mac OS X's printer system gets "confused", and cannot send print jobs. The queues end up in a "paused" state, and cannot be restarted.

We have had good success with the following solution. Note that it is a little complex, so if you're not comfortable with the command line on your Mac, feel free to send in a userhelp or drop by the TSG offices for help.

Note: This will delete all of your active print jobs

  1. Close all printer queue or System Preferences windows
  2. Open up a Terminal: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  3. Run: "sudo lprm -" (you may need to type in your password)
  4. Run: "sudo killall -HUP cupsd"

Printing should hopefully return to normal. You may need to unpause print queues.

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