Health Instrumentation

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In the Fall of 2009, we (Nicholas Chen, Yun Young Lee, Maurice Rabb) under the guidance of Prof. Bruce Schatz and Dr. Richard Berlin conducted a seven week study on three subjects to investigate the feasibility of instrumenting people for general health.

Our project was entitled Personalized Implicit Health Monitors. Here's the abstract of our report:

A person's psychological well-being can be deduced by observing her past, current and future behaviors. However, little effort has been made to qualify, quantify and correlate a person's behavior to her psychological well-being using non-intrusive health monitors. This report presents our attempts at using non-intrusive health monitors to observe a person's diet, exercise and sleep patterns to determine possible correlations with her stress levels – a common measure of psychological well-being. Our preliminary study of monitoring three subjects daily for a period of seven continuous weeks shows that such non-intrusive monitoring yields interesting insights in correlating a person's stress levels. Our study also reveals important design decisions that should be considered in order to reliably and effectively deploy long-term personalized implicit health monitoring systems involving ordinary people in the real world.

A PDF copy of our report is available here.

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