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Primary Faculty

  Chandra Chekuri
Approximation algorithms, combinatorial Optimization

  Jeff Erickson
Computational geometry and topology, graph algorithms

  Sariel Har-Peled
Computational geometry, approximation algorithms, learning

  Alexandra Kolla
Spectral graph theory, algorithms, complexity

  Lenny Pitt
Data mining, learning, K-12 education

  Manoj Prabhakaran
Cryptography, theoretical security

  Mahesh Viswanathan
Algorithm design, automata theory, and logic with applications to verification

Related Faculty in Computer Science

Emeritus Faculty

Related Faculty in Other Departments

Related Departments, Programs, and Centers

Current Graduate Students

  • Naman Agarwal
  • Hsien-Chih Chang — graph algorithms
  • Shalmoli Gupta
  • David Holcomb
  • Konstantinos Koiliaris
  • Nirman Kumar
  • David Morrison — operations research
  • Kent Quanrud
  • Ben Raichel
  • Subhro Roy
  • Jason Sauppe — operations research
  • Yipu Wang
  • Chao Xu

Former PhDs

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