Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship (2008-2009)

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Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship (2008-2009)

Internal Deadline:   9/15/2008
External Deadline: 10/17/2008


Fellowships will be granted by either Microsoft Research or Microsoft Live Labs at Microsoft's discretion. Microsoft will award two-year fellowships to outstanding Ph.D. students.  Students must be starting their second or third years of a Ph.D. program in the Fall of 2008.  Non-U.S. citizens / international students are eligible.

A maximum of three candidates per department may be submitted.

Please ensure that the following materials are submitted by 5pm on 9/15/2008 to Colin Robertson (, 4211 SC):
1) Your C.V./resume.
2) Your thesis proposal (full or summary).  Microsoft indicates that this should be no more than 5 pages long.
3) Have your adviser submit a letter of recommendation.
4) Two additional letters are required for the submission to Microsoft.
  a) Have other letter writers who are faculty members at Illinois also submit their letters by 9/15.
  b) Please provide the names of any external letter writers, but do not request external letters at this time.

Note: Electronic documents are preferred and should be submitted as PDFs, Word documents, or plain-text files.

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