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Wiki Home of the Scientific Computing Group.

The public page of the SCG is

Fall Courses

Spring Courses

Advice for creating your [Scientific Computing Program of Study]

Other information:

The local student chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics can be found here: SIAM student chapter

We are compiling a recommended reading list for the NA qual. Do you have an opinion? Go here: NA Qualification Exam Book List

SCG News (last 60 days)
No blog posts found.

Lab Internship links

CS450 Text book tracking

Marked 'CS450': (there should be 5 of these, I think)

  • Sweta Seethamraju (450 TA for Spring '14)
  • Andreas Kloeckner (as an extra desk copy while teaching in Spring '14)
  • Amanda Bienz (studying for qual)
  • Matt Wala (qual prep, as of 3/14/13) Luke's office (3/12/2014; from Shelley)

Not marked:

  • Copy 1: Kaushik Kalyanaraman (450 TA for Spring '14)
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