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The Real-Time Systems Integration Research Group

A member of the Networked Real Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

RTSI Members
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Lui Sha
Professor, Donald B. Gillies Chair
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois

Mission Statement

Create the science and technology foundation and accompanying
curriculum to foster the convergence of computing, communication
and the intelligent control of the physical environment.

Recent Publications
  • Sibin Mohan, Min-Young Nam, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Lui Sha, Richard Bradford and Shana Fliginger, "Rapid Early-Phase Virtual Integration," in Proceedings of the 30th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium. December 2009. pdf
  • Abdullah Al-Nayeem, Mu Sun, Xiaokang Qiu, Lui Sha, Steven P. Miller, and Darren D. Cofer, "A Formal Architecture Pattern for Real-Time Distributed Systems", in Proceedings of the 30th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium. December 2009. link
  • Lui Sha, Abdullah Al-Nayeem, Mu Sun, Jose Meseguer, and Peter Ӧlveczky, "PALS: Physically Asynchronous Logically Synchronous System", University of Illinois,, Technical Report, 2009. pdf

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RTSI Group at ICCPS 2010

RTSI group has two new papers accepted at ICCPS 2010:

  • A Framework for the Safe Interoperability of Medical Devices in the Presence of Connection Failures by Cheolgi Kim, Mu Sun, Sibin Mohan, Heechul Yun, Abdullah Al-Nayeem and Lui Sha
  • A Reduced Complexity Design Pattern For Distributed Hierarchical C&C System by Heechul Yun, Po-Liang Wu, Maryam Rahmaniheris, Cheolgi Kim and Lui Sha

Demo and Presentation Archives

The System Integration Challenge

Cyber Physical Systems represent the convergence of computing, communication and intelligence sensing and control of our physical environments. They are at the center of modern society's computer controlled and networked physical infrastructures, including networked medical devices, transportation systems, defense systems and future tele-presence systems.

System integration uses not only new components developed specifically for the current requirements but also a large number of existing components designed under different assumptions and using different real time, fault tolerance and security protocols. They also have a different degree of reliability. From a system engineering perspective, the key challenges include:

  • Unexpected interactions resulting from syntactically compatible but semantically inconsistent QoS protocols used by different components; from implicit and outdated assumptions about the environment embedded in the old components; and from incompatible real time, fault tolerance, and security protocols.
  • System instabilities when faults and failures in one component cascade along complex and unexpected interdependency relations, leading to system wide failures.
  • Inadequate system integration infrastructure due to the lack of integrated and reusable domain specific reference architectures, tools, and design patterns with known real time, robustness, and security properties.

Research Areas

  • Predictable composition. Machine checkable annotations of component QoS protocol usage and semantic properties; explicit and machine checkable component assumptions about external environments; sets of formally specified and verified coherent real time, robustness, security and networking protocols.
  • Robust real time software architecture. Simple and analytically redundant service for robustness against software and hardware faults and failures; networked fault containers for provably safe sharing of computing and networking resources; technologies and tools for dependency reduction and tracking; hardware and software co-scheduling technology for predictable timing behaviors
  • System integration infrastructure. Integrated sets of domain models, reference architectures, design patterns and QoS protocols for interaction complexity reduction and for predictable real time, robustness, and security properties.


Lui Sha

Tarek Abdelzaher
Marco Caccamo

Support Staff
Molly Flesner

Post Docs
[Cheolgi Kim]
[Kyungtae Kang]
Sibin Mohan

Abdullah Al-Nayeem
Heechul Yun
Jung-Eun Kim
[Maryam Rahmaniheris]
Man-Ki Yoon
Min Young Nam
Mu Sun
[Po-Liang Wu]


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