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This is the homepage of the Practice for Academic Job Talks (PACAJOT) seminar, organized by Danny Dig and Rhonda McElroy.

In Spring 2013 the seminar will be held on Fridays, at 3:30pm, in SC 1109. It will be collocated with Friday Extravaganza, and yes, there will be Pizza!

Why another seminar?

This is the time that many of our students are entering the academic job
market. The normal practice for many of these students is to give practice talks and
get feedback from their research groups. It is a lot more important for them to
get feedback on their job talks from a broader CS audience - one similar to
what they will face in a real job talk. Thus we are starting a seminar series,
Practice for Academic Job Talks (PACAJOT). This seminar allows the candidates
to rehearse in front of a broader audience. The talks are video recorded and
posted on this webpage.


We invite:
* faculty and researchers to attend and give advice and feedback. It is
important to get feedback from a broader CS audience. Thus, please attend talks that
may not be in your immediate area.

* students currently on the academic job market (to practice and to observe others). This is an easy
way to get a quick overview of the state-of-the art research in a broad range of topics.

* PhD students in their final/early years (to learn what they can do now to become stronger candidates).


Date Presenter Talk Info Recorded talk
Feb 15 Danny Dig Danny Dig Talk Info video
Feb 22 Dong Jin Dong Jin Talk Info video
March 1 Siva Kumar Sastry Hari Siva Kumar Talk Info video
March 8 Vivek Srikumar Vivek Srikumar Talk Info video
March 15 Xiaokang Qiu Xiaokang Qiu Talk Info video
March 29 Moushumi Sharmin Moushumi Sharmin Talk Info video
April 5 Available    
April 12 Available    
April 19 Available    
April 26 Available    

How to book a slot

Booking a slot is done on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a slot,
check the availability on the above schedule, and send Danny Dig
an e-mail with your talk information (title, abstract, bio), at least one week earlier than the date
you plan to present. We won't book a slot for the candidate unless we receive the talk information.
Before giving the talk in this general-audience seminar, make sure that you practiced with your
research group and with other topical seminars in your area.

Past Seminars

Schedule from Spring 2012.

Date Presenter Talk Info Recorded talk Current Position
Feb 20 Yizhou Sun Yizhou Sun Talk Info Video Link Assist Prof at Northeastern University
Feb 27 Ulya Karpuzcu Ulya Karpuzcu Talk Info Video Link Assist Prof at U. of Minnesota
March 5 Marcelo d'Amorim Marcelo d'Amorim Talk Info Video Link Assist Prof at U. of Pernanbuco, Brazil
March 12   rescheduled due to speaker's emergency    
April 2 Eric Rozier
Eric Rozier Talk Info Video Link Assist Prof at U. of Miami
April 16 Arash Termehchy Arash Termehchy Talk Info   Assist Prof at Oregon State U.
April 30 Keun Soo Yim Keun Soo Yim Talk Info   Google

Schedule from Spring 2011.

Date Presenter Talk Info Recorded talk Position in 2012
March 8 Pavithra Prabhakar Pavithra Prabhakar Talk Info Rich Media Asst Prof, IMDEA Software, Spain
March 15 Sruthi Bandhakavi Sruthi Bandhakavi Talk info Rich Media Google

This is the schedule from Spring 2010.

Date Presenter Talk Info Recorded talk Current Position
Feb 1 Matthew Caesar, Brighten Godfrey, Klara Nahrstedt How to prepare a strong academic job talk; tips and stories from interviews Video link still very well at UIUC
Feb 8
notice room change, SC 1131 @10am, only this meeting
Sibin Mohan Sibin Mohan Talk Information Video link Research Scientist, UIUC
Feb 15 Danny Dig Danny Dig Talk Information Video link Visiting Professor at UIUC
Feb 22 Abhinav Bhatele Abhinav Bhatele Talk Information Video link Postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
March 1 Xin Fu Xin Fu Talk Information Video link Asst Prof in EECS, University of Kansas
March 8 Praveen Jayachandran Praveen Jayachandran Talk Information Video link IBM Research Bangalore
March 29 Raghu Ganti Raghu Ganti Talk Information Video link IBM Research TJ Watson

This is the schedule from last Spring 2009. In some cases, it also lists the universities where our students ended up.

Date Presenter Talk Info Position in 2010
Feb 16 Canceled due to
speaker's injury
Feng Chen Feng Chen Talk Information Iowa State University (tragically, Feng passed away in summer'09)
Feb 23 Lin Tan Lin Tan Talk Information University of Waterloo
March 2 student talk rescheduled due to
conflict with head of department job talk
come to SC2405 and see a professional job talk and learn directly from the Master
March 9 Munawar Hafiz Munawar Hafiz Talk Information Asst Prof at Auburn University
April 13 Alex Li Alex Li Talk Information George Washington University
April 20 Steve Ko Steve Ko Talk Information SUNY at Buffalo

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