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NPRE 421 Spring 2012


NPRE 421 schedule as of 2012 Jan 16.pdf

Letter to NPRE 421 Students Spring 2012.pdf


skills Chen IPP all 2012.doc


Review Questions, Introduction to Plasma Physics (IPP) and Indispensible Truth (IT)

RQ Chen IPP 2012.pdf

RQ Chen IT.pdf



Chen ch.1 six per page.pdf

MFT-1 Introduction slides 2011 jan 26.pdf

Saha Equation.pdf

 Chen Ch.2 Single Particle Motion slides 2012.ppt

Chen Ch.3 6 per page 2012.pdf

Chen Ch.3 Plasmas as fluids 2012 feb 6.ppt


Homework problem solutions (for those not in book)

Chen Ch.2.pdf

Chen Problem 2-10.pdf

Chen 4-18, 4-23, 4-40.pdf

Chen 6-1, 6-2.BMP

Chen 6-10 solution.jpg

Chen 7-2 solution.pdf

Chen 7-20.pdf

Problems 9-1 to 9-5.pdf

Solutions 9-1 to 9-5.pdf


Supplementary information



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