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ΙΠΠΟΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΟΡΚΟΣ: ἐπὶ δηλήσει δὲ καὶ ἀδικίῃ εἴρξειν

(Hippocratis Ivsivrandvm: First, Do No Harm)

The purpose of this project is to develop the scientific and technological foundation to control the complex interactions of networked medical devices, medical information systems, and medical personnel. We will develop a novel system composition architecture for safe and medical-procedure-aware medical device plug-and-play (MD PnP). This architecture will make sure that the composition of medical devices and information systems with different safety levels will result in a verifiably safe system. We will combine formal methods and statistical data mining to both model known medical knowledge/rules and capture unpredictable anomalous medical data patterns. The proposed research will advance the state of the art in multiple areas in computer science including software engineering, formal methods, real-time systems, and information management.



Prof. Lui R. Sha

Ralph Johnson
Jose Mesequer
ChengXiang Zhai

Senior Investigators
Julian Goldman
Christopher Schmitz

Research Associates
Kyungtae Kang
Cheolgi Kim
Sibin Mohan
Kyung-Joon Park

Graduate Students
Abdullah Al-Nayeem
Andrew Cheng
Ryan Cunningham
Jung-Eun Kim
Yun Young Lee
Yanen Li
Minyoung Nam
Maurice Rabb
Maryam Rahmaniheris
Parikshit Sondhi
Mu Sun
Man-Ki Yoon
Heechul Yun
Zheng Zeng

Undergrad. Students
Charlie Meyer
Stephen Moser

Rong Zheng (Univ. of Houston)
Qixin Wang (HongKong Polytech)
Tarek Abdelzaher (Univ. of Illinois)
Jin Heo (Grad. Student of UI)

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