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I2CS Course Offerings

For Degree Planning

To help the MCS degree students and the certificate non-degree students plan, below outlines the courses that are generally offered each semester.  Please note that this subject to change and the department will do it best to keep this information up to date. In addition, some courses have a general course syllabus posted to help you learn a little more about the course.  To access, click on the course number.

Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term
CS 412 CS 411 CS 425
CS 423 CS 428 CS 421
CS 427 CS 433 CS 598 REJ
CS 461 CS 438  
CS 463 CS 512  
CS 465 CS 523
CS 511 CS 477
CS 527 *CS 410 
CS 573 *CS 543  
*CS 426 (New) *CS 576 (New)
*CS 446 *CS 484  
*CS 538 *CS 598 MP
*CS 598 GA (New)    
*CS 440 (New)    

*New I2CS Course Offerings:  The courses above marked "New" will start to be offered in spring 2012 term.  We will be gradually adding these courses to the online program. 

Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Fall 2013
CS 410: Text Information System CS 426: Compiler Construction CS 484 (was 498 DP): Intro to Parallel Programming CS 440: Artificial Intelligence
CS 543: Computer Vision CS 446: Machine Learning CS 598 MP: Applied Cryptography  
CS 576: Topics in Automated Deduction CS 538 (maybe
fall 2013): Advanced Computer Networks
  CS 598 GA: Emerging Programming Paradigms    

I2CS Upcoming Course Schedule

This schedule of online course offerings is tentative and subject to change. Online demonstration videos of many of the courses listed below are available. Register for an online course at the Engineering Online Programs page.  Current semester class list with class websites allow students to see more detailed information about the course by clicking on the course website.

Spring 2014 
Term Dates:  January 21 - May 7, 2014    Final Exam Dates:  May 9-16, 2014
Course Name Instructor
CS 410 Text Information Systems C. Zhai 
CS 423 Operating Systems T. Abdelzaher
CS 428 Software Engineering II D. Marinov 
CS 433 Computer Systems Organization S. Adve
CS 438 Communication Networks M. Caesar 
CS 440 Artificial Intelligence J. DeJong
CS 477 Formal Software Devel Methods E. Gunter
CS 484*
Intro to Parallel Programming
L. Kale
CS 511 Advanced Database Systems K. Chang
CS 512 Advanced Data Mining J. Han
CS 543 Computer Vision S. Lazebnik
CS 565  Human-Computer Interaction B. Bailey
Summer 2014 
Term Dates:  May 27 - August 7, 2014     Final Exam Dates:  August 8-9, 2014
Course Number Course Name Instructor
CS 410 Text Information Systems TBA
CS 421 Programming Lang & Compilers TBA
CS 425 Distributed Systems TBA
CS 528 (formerly CS 598 REJ) Object-Oriented Programming & Design TBA
Fall 2014

Term Dates:  August 25 - December 19, 2014     Final Exam Dates:  December 12-19, 2014

Course Number Course Name Instructor
CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining K. Chang
CS 427 Software Engineering I T. Xie
CS 440 Artificial Intelligence J. DeJong
CS 446 Machine Learning D. Roth
CS 461 Computer Security I TBA
CS 465 User Interface Design B. Bailey
CS 523 Advanced Operating Systems R. Campbell
CS 527 Topics in Software Engineering D. Marinov
CS 538 Advanced Computer Networks K. Nahrstedt
CS 573 Algorithms C. Chekuri
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