AAMAS 2012 Tutorial on Game Theory and Security

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Quanyan Zhu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Manish Jain (University of Southern California)

M. H. Manshaei (Isfahan University of Technology/EPFL)

James Pita (University of Southern California)

Rong Yang (University of Southern California) 

Zhengyu Yin (University of Southern California)


Game theory is an increasingly important paradigm for modeling security games and decision-making in these domains, including homeland security resource allocation decisions, robot patrolling strategies, and computer network security. This tutorial introduces a wide variety of game-theoretic modeling techniques and algorithms that have been developed in recent years for security problems, and it provides a structured and comprehensive overview of research on security and privacy in computer networks and cyber-physical systems that uses game-theoretic approaches. We present a selected set of works to highlight the application of game theory in addressing different forms of security and privacy problems in communication networks, mobile applications and cyber-physical systems. We also present extended models for Behavioral Game Theory, which deals with developing algorithms that perform well against human opponents.


1. Motivation and Example for Security Domains [30 mins]

- Applicability of Game Theory

2. An Introduction to Game Theory [30 mins]

- Definition of a Game

- Normal Form and Extensive Form Games

- Nash Equilibrium

- Stackelberg Equilibrium

3. Applications to Infrastructure Security [2 hours, 15 mins]

- Introduction to Security Game Models

- Scaling up to Real-World Problem Sizes

- Addressing Human Players: Behavioral Game Theory

- Application and Evaluation in the Real-World

4. Applications in Cyber-Security [2 hours, 15 mins]

- Network Security

- Cyber-Physical Systems

- Data Communication

- Mobile Networks

5. General Discussion / Questions [30 mins]

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