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Current Competition

Gamebuild-a-thon Fall 2013: Defensive Design

Sponsored by EA!

Final Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Gamebuild-a-thon!

First Place: Blue Bananas (Ashwin, Peter, and Mark)
Second Place: Luke (Luke)
Third Place: Full Power (Larry and Lucy)

Enjoy your prizes! If any of the teams would like to get detailed feedback on their game (and how it stacked up to the others), email us here. We hope to see you at the next competition!

Original Posting

Welcome to another Gamebuilders game development marathon. The game for this event will be a good old tower defense game. We'll be writing it in Pygame, the game library for Python. You can find more information about Pygame here. No experience is necessary, as we'll be having a tutorial on Python and Pygame at the beginning of the competition.

Game Rules

  1. You may have teams of up to 3 people. These can be formed on the day of the competition.
  2. You have 12 hours and must have a project turned in by the end time.
  3. You may not use a project already started, but you may use a library of code released prior to the competition.
  4. You must use Python and Pygame to make your project.
  5. You must start only with the code we give you, but you can edit it as much as you want.
  6. The project must be a tower defense game. We'll be providing broad criteria for a definition of a tower defense game at the competition.
  7. Games are judged by rating them on gameplay, creativity, art, and aesthetics. Prizes will be awarded from EA for first, second, and third place teams!
  8. You may use assets (art, music, 3D models, textures, other non-code material, etc.) you have built prior to the competition. 
  9. You may use assets built by other people, provided that those assets are free for personal use. Any assets that cost money to acquire may not be used. The judges reserve the right to ask for proof that assets used in a submitted game have the correct license.


First place: 2 EA backpacks and choice of 3 games from the list below

Second Place: Franchise shirts and EA-themed paper notebooks, along with a choice of 3 games from the list below (after first place picks)

Third Place: EA Logo Shirts, EA Coffee Mugs, and the two games remaining after first and second place pick.

The list of games to choose from:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (premium subscription for 30 days)
  • Simcity 5
  • Dragon Age II for PS3
  • Madden 25 for Xbox 360
  • Madden 25 for PS3
  • NCAA Football 14 for Xbox 360
  • NCAA Football 14 for PS3
  • NHL 14 for Xbox 360

Time and Place

The competition will be held on Saturday, November 16th. The competition will run from 11 am to 11 pm in Siebel 0220. This is a Linux lab, and Pygame will be installed on the machines, so no need to bring your own laptop. Afterwards, we'll judge the games and distribute prizes in 0220 if time permits.


We'll be providing pizza for dinner on the day of the competition, thanks to EA's generous sponsorship.


Use this form to sign up for the competition. Signing up is not required, but it will greatly help us keep track of participants. You can also check out the Facebook event page!


Here's some places you can find assets for the competition. Remember, you can only use free assets: - A good place to get fonts for the game's user interface. - A good place to get sound effects. - You can find free 3D assets here (along with paid ones).

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