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Description: Lectures and discussions on quantum optoelectronics, quantum mechanics, second quantization, density-matrix theory, and the generation of coherent electromagnetic radiation. Included is the study of the interaction of radiation with atomic systems: density-matrix theory, spontaneous and induced transitions, gain coefficient, quantum theory of Einstein A and B coefficients, homogenous and inhomogenous broadening. We also review coherent interactions of a radiation field and an atomic system: two-level atom with quantized field, electromagnetically induced transparency, lasing without inversion. Applications to laser oscillators: general laser theory, rate equations, threshold condition, lasing inversion, and semiconductor gain. Specific laser systems will included atomic, semiconductor lasers, microcavity lasers, and nanocavity lasers. Finally, nanophotonic effects such as Fabry-Perot cavities, Purcell effect, vertical cavity lasers, photonic crystal nanocavities will also be discussed.

Course Prerequisites: PHYS485 or equivalent introduction to quantum mechanics is recommended.

Course Information

Professor: Kent Choquette
Rm: 3108 MNTL
Office hours:
E-mail for appointment

Course Schedule

Class meets MWF
9-9:50 AM, 260 Everitt Lab

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