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ECE 571 Fall 13

Description:  Electromagnetic waves in layered media; plane wave expansion of electromagnetic point source field; Sommerfeld integrals; transient response; WKB method with asymptotic matching; scattering by junction discontinuity; surface integral equation; volume integral equation; inverse problems.  

Semester : Fall 2013

Subject Area : Electromagnetics, Optics and Remote Sensing

Course Prerequisites:  ECE 520 or PHYS 505, MATH 446 or equivalence, or an entry level graduate electromagnetic course

Textbook:  Chew, Weng Cho. Waves and fields in inhomogenous media. New York: IEEE press, 1995.

Course Outline 

This course will teach students mathematical and physical concepts related to waves in inhomogeneous media.  Some numerical methods, as well as inverse scattering problems will be also be taught.


  1. Review of Maxwell's equations, reciprocity, energy conservation, etc.
  2. Review of Green's function and uniqueness theorem
  3. Waves in layered media.  Plane wave expansion of point source.
  4. Point source expansion
  5. Point source over stratified media          
  6. Asymptotic expansion method
  7. Method of stationary phase      
  8. Modal expansions
  9. Hybrid mode method, geometrical optics approximation
  10. Cylindrically layered media
  11. Spherically layered media           
  12. Transient fields, dispersive media
  13. Finite difference time domain method
  14. Absorbing boundary conditions and perfectly matched layers    
  15. Perfectly matched layers and coordinate stretching
  16. Linear vector space
  17. Linear vector space        
  18. Dyadic Green's function
  19. Dyadic Green's function               
  20. Integral equations
  21. Fast multipole algorithm
  22. Photonic crystals
  23. Surface Plasmonics
  24. Elements of nano-optics
  25. Multiple scattering. Born and Rytov approximation.
  26. Inverse problem, slice projection theorem, diffraction tomography        
  27. Optimization method for inverse problems, regularization
  28. Distorted Born iterative method

* Bold face implies changes from contents of previously taught course.

Questionnaire for students

Course Information

Professor:  Weng Cho CHEW
Room: 379 Everitt Lab
email: w-chew at

Office hours:
E-mail for appointment

Grader: *yet to be assigned*



Office Hours:

E-mail for appointment 

Course Schedule

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday 
9:00 am:10:50 am, 257 Everitt Lab

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