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Each group of students are assigned (loaned) one Windows Phone 7 (WP7) phone. We are using the Samsung Focus device. (You can use your own WP7 device if desired. Each group can borrow up to one phone.) The following contains detailed information on setting up your phone for development. Assign one group member to set up all the various accounts. That group member should use a Microsoft email address (,, etc.) when setting up the various accounts, except for the DreamSpark section, where a email address is needed for student verification. That student is also responsible for the borrowed WP7 device. We will not be helping you with with this process beyond the instructions here.

Get Phone, Keep Safe

Each group can borrow up to one phone. Check the Announcements page for more details. One student in each group is entirely responsible for the phone. In particular the student is subject to the following:

  • The student responsible must sign a loan agreement and checklist prior to receiving the phone. The loan agreement is here for your reference: msft-agree.pdf.
  • The phone and accompanying materials must be completely returned to the instructors by May 10, 2011, at 4:00 PM.
  • Any damage to the phone beyond normal wear and tear will be subject to a deposit in an amount up to $514.00 and pending assessment from Microsoft.
  • Failure of us (instructors and TAs) to require a deposit does not waive the student's obligation under the agreement.
  • Grades for all the students in the group will not be posted until the phone and any required deposit is returned to us.

Download Developer Tools

We are working with Project Hawaii. Be sure to read through the documentation here: First download the developer tools here: This contains all the software necessary for development.

Test Your Environment using Emulation

You can verify your development environment by creating a simple dummy application and deploying it using the emulator. You can follow the tutorials here: You are recommended to quickly to move on to the next steps and come back later to learn more about WP7 programming.

App Hub and DreamSpark

To deploy applications to your Focus, you will need to set up an App Hub account. (We will not be detailing how to publish applications to the Marketplace.) To create a free App Hub account, you will first need to use DreamSpark to verify that you are a student.

  • Go to to verify your student identity. Follow the various instructions, using your email address. Make sure you do not download anything from the DreamSpark website. You are just verifying your student identity here.
  • Next, go to App Hub ( and create an account. (Click on "Join to submit...") You may have to create an Xbox Live account in the process. App Hub is the website for submitting applications to the Marketplace. But you will be only setting up an App Hub account in order to "dev-unlock" your Focus.
  • Microsoft has canceled the GeoTrust verification for individuals and students.

Deploy Application to Focus

Windows Phone 7 Programming Resources

There are many resources to help you quickly learn how to program WP7. The Project Hawaii page ( contains links to the various online resources. It also has a link to the free book in PDF format here:

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