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Welcome to ECE 498LG

This course is designed primarily for first year engineering and science graduate students and advanced undergraduates interested in pursuing a career or an advanced degree involving experimental research. The overarching course goal is for students to understand a wide variety of experimental methods and to be able to directly apply them in the lab.

New Announcements

  • TDR lab solutions are posted here.
  • Tutorials for software are posted above.

Older Announcements

  • A practice for quiz2 is posted here.
  • For HWs, it's ok to work together, but write-ups and explanations should be done on your own.
  • Software can be obtained here.  Microsoft Project used to be free, but is no longer, so we recommend using the EWS labs rather than purchasing it. If other software requires purchasing, please let me know.

Course Staff Contacts

Professor: Lynford Goddard, lgoddard@illinois.edu, Micro and Nanotechnology Lab 2254
Office Hours: For weeks with no labs: Mon & Fri Noon-1P in MNTL 2254
For weeks with labs: Mon & Fri Noon-1P, Tues 10-11A in Everitt 251

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