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Current Officers

President Jonathan Lifflander
Treasurer Anshu Arya
Secretary Tim Weninger

News and Events

Updates and events are posted on our Facebook page and Twitter.

FE Information

The Friday Extravaganza! (FE) is a weekly event to mingle with your fellow grad students over free food! It is held almost every week during Fall and Spring semesters. Watch for e-mails on Thursdays or Fridays to see if there will be one this week.

They are almost always on Fridays at 4:45P in the CS Grad Lounge (SC4401), but occasionally the time and location changes to accommodate special events, such as a corporately sponsored FE.

Coffee Information

CSGSO provides free coffee for all CS Grads in the CS Lunch Room (SC3407) thanks to our corporate sponsors. If you notice we are out of sugar and/or milk, please e-mail <login_to_agora_see_email> so we can take care of it.

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