Summer 2010

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Welcome to Object-Oriented Programming and Design!

You will learn advanced object-oriented design by studying examples from Squeak, many of which have been polished over the past 25 years. Learn about design patterns, how to use frameworks and how to design them, and reflection.

Current Announcements

If you have any concept (one or more), please create a web-page  following the guidelines provided at The person who is proposing the project, should add his name and NetID as the Primary Contact Person. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any doubts. 

The TA for this course is Jayanta Mukherjee

Email ID:

Skype ID of TA: jmukherjee1

The Office hours will be on Tuesdays and Thursday 7-8 PM (CST).
The first office hours will be on this Thursday June 3, 2010.


Downloadable lecture videos has been posted for week 1 to week 4 (Lecture 1 to 11).

You may need Quicktime player to view them. You should click on the Topics to download the lectures.


Now, onwards, please send your homework solutions and quiz submissions to

**You do not need to resubmit any homework that you have already submitted to

For any general queries and homework related issue, please send me email at
Please note that is only for homework and quiz submission.

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