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CS4HS Workshop

2010 Workshop Schedule
2011 Workshop Schedule
2012 Workshop Schedule

2013 Workshop Schedule

Welcome to the 2013 University of Illinois - Google - CS4HS Workshop.
Below is the TENTATIVE schedule as of July 22.
(We may adjust times and shuffle sessions depending on how things progress during the workshop.)

DAY 1: Tuesday July 23

Time Activity Details
1:00-1:30p Check-in  
1:30-2:15p Icebreaker & overview Sorting network
Workshop overview: (ppt)
2:15-3:15p Lab 1: Getting started Tutorial 1 and conditionals from Tutorial 2
Video of tutorial 1: http://youtu.be/0h_2OTVzQZk
and tutorial 2: http://youtu.be/jBPsWcCWV08
3:15-4:30p Lab 2: small practice projects:
(20 minutes) Beautiful stamping
(20 minutes) Analog Clock uses tests (variable or color); new: center of rotation
(30 minutes) Snake Game uses color tests; new: keyboard input
(20 minutes) Temperature converter uses variables and math; new: sliders
(20 minutes) Car with rotating wheels
(30 minutes) Digital Clock uses variable tests; new: text boxes
(30 minutes) Car Race uses random numbers, color tests, variables with watchers (for keeping track of wins per racer)
(30 minutes) Polygon graphics uses procedure call; new: pen use, repeat loop, possible nested loop instead of procedure call
.... MORE IDEAS ....
Animation via holder
Miro project
Multimedia presentations (animated book, sound, importing images, video mpeg).
"Traditional" programming: compute the average of numbers in a holder
Harder/too long: Simulations: Traffic Light (implement counter), Cannon, exploration of aquarium?
Harder/too long: Games: pinball, tron, pac-man or other maze games, 15 puzzle
Harder/too long: test if a number is a prime; generate primes in a holder. Use repeat loop and math
4:30-5:00p Demo of Etoys capabilities
Including aquarium simulation, primes generation, pentatonic scales, binary lights, sierpinski triangle,
cannon simulation, mouse solving maze, overhand knot animation, sun earth moon simulation, clothing combinatorics,
acute triangle investigation, achilles and the turtle, and kid projects (stamping, shoe race, meteor maze, inclined plane,
and snakespawn), and squeakapalooza presentation
5:00-6:00p Dinner at Siebel  
6:00-7:00p Mathmaniacs/Megamath/Unplugged activity: Fickle Fruit  
7:00-8:30p Lab 3: Completion of Tutorial 2 Tutorial 2
Video of Tutorial 2: http://youtu.be/jBPsWcCWV08
8:30-9:00p Daily wrap-up: feedback/evaluation and discussion  

DAY 2: Wednesday July 24

Time Activity Details
9:00a-12:00p Lab 4 A big project: Pong game tutorial
Videos of lesson in two parts:
12:00-12:45p Lunch at Siebel  
12:45-1:30p Unplugged activities Binary numbers
1:30-2:15p NCSA demo  
2:15-3:10p Lab 5: Etoys project analysis Pick a project tagged cs4hs or cs4k5 from Etoys Illinois website
3:10-4:05p Lab 6 Parallel tracks:
Making games (LP); launching projectiles , joystick and keyboard input, objects chasing, and mouse tracking
Books and art (KH);
Holder animation (AS)
4:05-5:00p Lab 7 more small projects or open exploration
5:00-7:00p Dinner at Mas Amigos If time, short activity: Card trick?
7:00-9:00p Lab 8: Project preparation What do you want/need?
How can I...?
Project overview - need structured process leading into a project choice.
projects should have these features: <list of features>
1/2 hour brainstorming project ideas, keeping in mind what skills you have now.
what objects/tests/variables/behaviors will your project have?
sanity-check with peers in small groups
sanity check with instructors
8:30-9:00p Daily wrap-up: feedback/evaluation and discussion  

DAY 3: Thursday July 25

Time Activity Details
9:00a-12:00p Lab 9: Project time Create several project challenges, with implementation
12:00-1:00p Lunch at Siebel  
1:00-2:30p Project show and tell  
2:30-4:00p Discussion on utility/viability, wrap-up, evals  


This website (cs4hs.cs.illinois.edu)

Squeakland (www.squeakland.org)

Etoys Illinois (www.etoysillinois.org)

Complete Etoys Reference Manual (http://en.flossmanuals.net/etoys-reference-manual/index/)

Etoys do-it-yourself videos: Search on youtube for the words DIY MSTE Etoys

Workshop tutorials: see links in above tables for tutorials 1, 2, pong, and some gaming tricks.

CS unplugged (csunplugged.org)

MathManiaCS (mathmaniacs.org)

MSTE (Math, Science, Technology Ed. at UIUC) (mste.illinois.edu)


CS4HS Closing Survey: http://tinyurl.com/cs4hs2013Final


Etoys Quick Start.pdf

Short guide for Etoys

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