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This is the home of the CS498: Mobile Augmented Reality for Pedestrian Navigation space.

When: 1:00 pm - 3:50 pm, Friday

Where: Room 1103 in Siebel Center

What is this class about: In this course we will be concentrating on recent technology that facilitates the development of augmented reality pedestrian navigation applications: geo-referenced data (maps, LiDAR point clouds, panoramic images and depth maps, 3D models), smartphones (phone sensors: camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass), graphics engines (OpenGL ES) to overlay relevant information in the viewfinder, and, more recently, vision engines that perform natural feature detection and tracking in the video data captured with the phone camera. This is a project-focused class. We will build prototype applications for Nokia mobile phones using Commercial GIS/Map data. We will also read and present relevant papers. Several presenters from the Geospatial industry will come to talk about the latest relevant technology

We have eleven N900 phones and external gyro and compass sensors for development from Nokia Research Center. The N900 phone will be the main development platform for this class. Since there are many more students registered in this class, if one has a different smartphone (Android or IPhone with at least the same technical capabilities as those of the N900 phone), he or she can use it for development, if so desired. We will not provide support though for these alternative platforms and the student that chooses an alternative platform should participate to group projects that involve development on the N900 phone.

Expected work for students:

Students registered in the 3 hour section:

- present one paper during the semester

- work on at least two individual and/or group projects

Students registered in the 4 hour section:

- all of the above, plus

- lead group projects

- write technical reports that describe the group projects

Who is teaching: Matei Stroila and John Hart 

If you want access to the Navteq Data and Software please send an email with your netid to mkamali2 at illinois dot edu

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