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CS498DM: Software Testing, Spring 2012

Lecture Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30-1:45pm
Lecture Room: 1103 SC
Instructor: Darko Marinov


This is a tentative schedule of lectures, and all dates are subject to change.

Date Topic Slides Reading Comments Problem Set Project
01/17 Introduction 1        
01/19 Java PathFinder
(guest lecture by Milos Gligoric)
01/24 Overview of Testing 2        
01/26 Example Testing Session 3   trityp pset1  
01/31 Lab on JPF/JUnit in 1103SC (Milos)          
02/02 Lab on JPF/JUnit in 1103SC (Vilas)          
02/07 Statement Coverage 4 Ch1      
02/09 Graph Testing: Introduction Ch2.1-2
02/14 Basic Graph Coverage for Source Code " Ch2.3   pset1 due  
02/16 Path Coverage " "      
02/21 Discussion of Pset1         proposal
02/23 Data Flow Graph Coverage " "      
02/28 Graph Coverage for Design Elements Ch2.4 Ch2.4     proposal due
03/01 Graph Coverage for Specifications Ch2.5 Ch2.5   pset2  
03/06 Syntax-based Testing Ch5.1 Ch5.1      
03/08 Syntax-based Testing Ch5.2 Ch5.2   pset2 due  
03/13 Input Space Grammars Ch5.5 Ch5.5     progress report
03/15 Project Progress Discussion          
03/20 no lecture (Spring Break)          
03/22 no lecture (Spring Break)          
03/27 Input Space Partitioning Ch4 Ch4     progress report due
03/29 Input Space Partitioning " "   pset3  
04/03 Discussion of Psets 2 and 3          
04/05 Logic Testing Ch3.1-2 Ch3.1-2   pset3 due  
04/10 Logic Testing Ch3.3
04/12 Logic Testing          
04/17 no lecture (work on projects)       pset4 due  
04/19 Automated Testing for JPF?
(guest lecture by Milos Gligoric)
04/24 Bug Advocacy
(info from Cem Kaner & James Bach's BBST course)
(guest lecture)
b   Bugs    
04/26 Practical Considerations Ch6 Ch6   pset5 due  
05/01 Wrap Up s
      final report
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