CS 463 - Computer Security II, Spring 2012

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SUBJ CRS Section CRN Date Day Start Time End Time Building Room Exam Type
CS 463 P3, P4 48205, 48206 5/9/2012 W 7:00 PM 10:00 PM 1SIEBL-1302 Non Combined


 CS 463 / ECE 424

Lecture: 2:00-3:15pm

Monday/Wednesday in 1302 Siebel Center

Instructor: Ken Rowe


Offered as regular and on-line enrollment.

Graduate student can register for 4 credit hours.

Office Hours will generally be after class on Mondays (3:30-4:30) and before class on Wednesdays (11:30-1:00) in 4224 Siebel (Susan Hinrichs office).

Others can be arranged by appointment.

Class Overview

The Computer Security II course is an in-depth study of Information Security. This class is focused for both preparing students interested in pursuing graduate level academic studies in Information Security, as well as for preparing students for Information Security Engineering in industry practice. Students should have taken Computer Security I (CS461/ECE422) or similar course.

Contact Ken Rowe, kenrowe at illinois.edu, for more information or if you need time conflict override permission.


  • No official text is required for this class, but students are expected to have mastery of Computer Security: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) by William Stallings and Lawrie Brown.
  • It is recommended that students have a copy of Stallings & Brown as a reference.
  • A collection of Government and Industry guidelines and standards as well as Academic research reports and papers will be examined to delve into the foundations of Information Security. These references will be provided through the class website.

(see Papers and Books page for list of some of the course references - restricted to registered students) 

Video Lectures


The course will be graded on 3 main factors

  • Midterm Exam (35%): regular class time, Wednesday, March 7, 2012
  • Final Exam (35%): 7:00-10:00PM PM, Wednesday, May 9, 2012.
  • Homework (30%): Approximately 5 homework assignments (typically short analysis/synthesis papers) spaced evenly across the semester. Tenative homework due dates are 2/6, 2/27, 3/26, 4/16, 5/2
  • Students enrolled in 4 credit hours will also be required to complete a major paper or independent project through the semester.

Related Courses

Look at the Security Course Roadmap for an understanding of the broader set of security courses and seminars offered at Illinois.

Academic Honesty

Copying or allowing someone to copy homework solutions, machine problems, and exam solutions, from other students in the class, or from other sources is considered plagiarism and is treated very seriously by the Department of Computer Science. The usual penalty for a first cheating offense is a grade of zero on the homework or exam. The penalty for a second offense, or a particularly severe first offense, is an F in the course. All cheating cases are reported to the department. Multiple offsenses can result in suspension or dismissal from CS program or from the university. Please refer to the University Policy on Academic Integrity and the CS Department's Honor Code

Lecture Schedule for Spring 2012 (Under Development)

Date Topic Speaker Lecture Slides
1 1/18 Introduction / Course Plan/
Beyond Castles
Ken Rowe
(for all lectures unless specified otherwise)
Posted .pptx
2 1/23 Compliance - COBIT   Posted .pptx
3 1/25 Cloud Security   Posted .pptx
4 1/30 SSAE 16, Risk Assessment   Posted [.pptx]
5 2/1 OS Security, BLP,
Capability-based, SE Linux
  Posted [.pptx]
6 2/6 Formal Models I   Posted .pptx
7 2/8 Formal Models II   Posted .pptx
  2/13 Canceled Will schedule taped make up lecture  
8 2/15 Integrity Models   Posted [.pdf]
9 2/20 Cryptography & Key Mgmnt   Posted [.pdf]
10 2/22 Malware Mike Davis, CEO Savid Technology, Author of Hacking Exposed: Malware and Rootkits Posted (Lect [.pptx] and ITI talk [.pptx])
11 2/27 Database Security I   Posted [.pptx]
12 2/29 MIDTERM REVIEW   Posted [.pptx]
13 3/5 Lecture cancelled Office hours in 4224 Siebel from 2-3:15 instead  
14 3/7 MIDTERM    
15 3/12 AuthN / AuthZ   Posted [.pptx]
16 3/14 AuthN / AuthZ   Posted [.pptx]
  3/19 SPRING BREAK    
  3/21 SPRING BREAK    
17 3/26 Secure Programming -
  Posted [cs463sp12:Lectures^CS463-Sp12-Lecture-14.pptx]
18 3/28 Secure Programming -
  Posted [.pptx]  
19 4/2 Secure Programming -
  Posted [.pptx]
20 4/4 Formal Programming    
21 4/9 Forensics    
22 4/11 Networks - LTE (4G) Security Maureen Stillman, Mission Critical Wireless [.pptx]
23 4/16 GUEST LECTURE Jim Porell, Dintinguished Engineer & Deputy CTO, IBM Federal Sales  
24 4/18 Networks - Evolution   [.pptx]
25 4/23 Networks - Architecture   [.pptx]
26 4/25 Intrusion Detection I    
27 4/30 Intrusion Detection II    
28 5/2 Wrap-up   [cs463sp12:Lectures^CS463-Sp12-Lecture-FinalReview.pptx]
  5/3 READING DAY    
  5/9 FINAL EXAM 7-10PM  

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