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Lecture: 12:30-1:45pm
Tuesday/Thursday in 1109 Siebel Center

Lab: 0222 Siebel Center

Class Overview

The Cyber Security Lab is a hands on study of computer and network security. This class complements introductory computer security courses such as Computer Security I and II It extends student knowledge to cover practical and experimental aspects of security for the Internet.

The class format is a combination of lectures and extensive lab exercises including the following topics among others:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 security strengths and vulnerabilities
  • User identity technologies
  • Secure coding techniques
  • Enterprise security architectures
  • Worm anatomy

The lab exercises will be performed in an isolated laboratory (0222 SC) containing Cisco security HW, SELinux clients, and Windows clients. We're getting some new equipment this semester, so there may be some growing pains along the way.

Students should have taken Computer Security I (CS461/ECE422), System Programming CS241, or similar courses.

Contact Susan Hinrichs, shinrich at cs.illinois.edu, for more information.

Related Courses

Look at the Security Course Roadmap for an understanding of the broader set of security courses and seminars offered at Illinois.

Academic Honesty

Copying or allowing someone to copy homework solutions, machine problems, and exam solutions, from other students in the class, or from other sources is considered plagiarism and is treated very seriously by the Department of Computer Science. The usual penalty for a first cheating offense is a grade of zero on the homework or exam. The penalty for a second offense, or a particularly severe first offense, is an F in the course. All cheating cases are reported to the department. Multiple offsenses can result in suspension or dismissal from CS program or from the university. Please refer to the University Policy on Academic Integrity and the CS Department's Honor Code

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