CAMPUSBARAPP0 S17 Invite Friends on FB

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Invite Friends on FB

A user wants to invite his/her Facebook friends to use our application.

Complications and Setbacks

We wanted to be able to send a user a message on Facebook, but that is not allowed by Facebook so we have to write on someone's wall instead. In addition, you cannot have a default message for the wall post, so the next best thing would be to have a link to our app in the Android market. Since our app is not yet on the market, we still aren't able to implement that.


actual estimated developer(s) task description
1 unit 1 unit Aayush, Caroline S17 T1 Write GUI for Inviting A Friend (Incomplete)
2 unit 2 unit Aayush, Caroline S17 T2 Integrate with Facebook (Incomplete)

Future actions

When a friend is invited, do something better than just send them a message telling them to download our app.

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