3 - 11 Minutes

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UI Discussion:
Home Page:

  • Settings UI (Add to Cacoo)
    • About, Refresh, Status, Legal, etc.
  • Thoughts
    • Wireframe is good
    • Like the tabs
    • Lots of detail work still to be done
    • List view with details - icons and details
  • Bar special
    • Side scroller

Bars List

  • Check-In Line
    • Line Length, still not sure what to do. Landmarks or Time?
    • Time for now, later we'll look into landmarks


  • Confused on what to show here?
  • List of friends with information on them when clicked

Add Friends

  • Should be in the friends tab and not within settings.
  • Put add friends / edit friends on top of friends tab.


  • Kay, Aayush, and Marcin: Tests
  • Jay, Caroline, and Jared: Backend
  • Sean and Bernie: UI

Keep these group categories and move onto new features the week after spring break.

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