Writing Assignments

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  1. All writing assignments must be submitted to the drop box in the basement. TAs won't collect the submissions in class any longer.
  2. New submissions are due before the class, and due date for the resubmissions will be announced as needed.
  3. The cardboard box outside my office (CS2219) is for pick-ups only.
  4. Please make it clear in your paper which assignment it is (e.g. WA2 or WA1-Resubmission), and print your name clearly.
  5. There is only one writing TA at the moment, and he doesn't come to the Siebel Center all the time. Also, he's the only one with the key to the drop box, so please be mindful of that. There may be unexpected delays time to time, so it is imperative that you follow these rules.
  6. There was a miscommunication between TAs last week, so some of WA1 weren't sent off to the writing TA. I have the following students' WA1 that I will send to the writing TA for grading, and hopefully he will have them graded by his office hours on Friday. We apologize for the mistake.
    • Jayanth Madheswaran
    • Sandeep Bhattanam
    • Sachin Suresh
    • Brinda Gupta
    • Jicong Wang
    • Dawen Huang
    • Chris Volk
    • Alex Decker
    • Grace Chow
    • Huy Dinh
  7. The writing TA, Jeffery Duan, will have office hours on Fridays from 1:30pm to 4:30pm in SC0207.
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