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Advanced Composition

Midterm Exam
Final Exam


Last semester, students contributed to the Photran plug-in developed at UIUC for Fortran development. Doing so exposed them to the intricacies of managing projects that relied on a significantly complex platform. Building upon their experiences from last semester, students will be proposing their own projects and determining the platforms and technologies to run on. Students are expected to follow an organized software development process and ultimately deliver a polished product with emphasis on good design, clean code, sufficient testing and proper documentation.

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Class Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:30 pm – 1:45 pm
DCL 1310

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 18
First day of class

Tuesday March 8
Midterm Exam
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM
1EVRT 151

March 20 - 27
Spring Break

Friday, May 13
Final Exam


Professor: Ralph Johnson
Email: rjohnson at illinois.edu
Office: Siebel
Office hours: By appointment

TA: Damion Mitchell
Email: mitche34 at illinois.edu
Office: Siebel 0207
Office Hours: Mondays (12pm - 1:30pm) or
By appointment

TA (I2CS): Shin Hwei Tan
Email: stan6 at illinois.edu
Office: SC3111(Skype id: tanshinhwei
Office Hours: Mondays: 6 - 7pm and Sundays: 10- 11 am(I will hold my office hour online on Skype)

Writing Grader: Zhiyuan Duan
Email: zduan2 at illinois.edu
Office: Siebel 0207
Office Hours: Mondays: 2-4pm

Writing Grader:Iftikhar Haider
Email: haider3 at illinois.edu
Office: Siebel 0207
Office Hours: Fridays, 2-4pm

Writing Grader:Lee Jin Choi
Email: choi193 at illinois.edu
Office: Siebel 0207
Office Hours: Tuesdays: 2-4pm

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