CS 427 Fall 2011

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Project Meeting Sign up
Iteration 1 Oct 17 - Oct 30
Iteration 2 Oct 31 - Nov 13
Iteration 3 Nov 14 - Dec 4
Project submission procedure Dec 5 - Dec 9

Welcome to CS427. I am excited to finally teach this class after being a TA between 2002-2004. I will borrow some of the great ideas from my predecessors, while making the class more interactive and participatory. You will have the opportunity to continuously share your opinions in class through iClicker, and be engaged in an active learning environment where you learn from many sources, including your peers in class.
I will teach you the fundamentals of Software Engineering by showing you how to build large software professionally by working effectively in a team. To illustrate those concepts, we will be using Eclipse, a popular open development platform that I know well (I am a contributor). We will start by using Eclipse as a tool for developing programs and gradually begin to develop tools and plug-ins for Eclipse itself. Rather than asking you to design a toy project, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a large open-source project like Eclipse. This will teach you the essential skills for the jobs you will encounter out of school: how to navigate through and add value to large projects comprised of multi-million lines of code designed by somebody else.
Looking forward to meeting you in class -- Prof Danny Dig
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Class Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:30pm - 1:45pm
Siebel Center 1404

Important dates

Tuesday, Aug 23
First day of class

Tuesday, Oct 11
Midterm Exam
7:00PM -
Room: DCL 1320, DCL 1310

Tuesday, Dec 13th
Final Exam
7:00PM - 10:00PM
Room: SC 1404, DCL 1310
Final Exam Seating Plan


Professor: Daniel Dig
Office hours:
By appointment only

TA: Rajesh Kumar
NetID: rkumar8
Office hours:
Tue 930am ~ 1030am
Fri 930am ~ 1030am
SC 0207

TA: Yun Young Lee
NetID: lee467
Office hours:
Mon 10am ~ 11am
Thurs 11:30am ~ 12:30pm
SC 2219

TA: Cosmin Radoi
NetID: cos
Office hours:
Mon 9am ~ 10am
Thu 6pm ~ 7pm
SC 0207
No office hours on:
Sep. 26
Sep. 29

TA: Shin Hwei Tan
NetID: stan6
Office hours:
Thu 3.15pm ~ 4pm
SC 0207

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