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CS 420: Parallel Programming: Fall 2009

Lectures: Mon Wed Fri, 11:00 am - 11:50 am 1109 Siebel


Laxmikant Kale
E-mail: kale@illinois.edu
Webpage: Link
Office: 4212 SC
Office Hours:

Teaching Assistant

G. Carl Evans
Email: ta420@cs.uiuc.edu
Office: 0207 SC
Office Hours:

Monday 10 am - 11 am Thursday 3 pm - 4 pm


December 10
The final exam is on Friday Dec. 18 at 8am - 11am at 1105/1109 SC. The topics page has been updated for this semester. It can be found at Topics For Final Exam page.

December 4
The projects page has been updated with information on the final report and the group presentations. Please sign up for a slot for your group to present in class Monday or Wednesday.

November 13
The meetings today for the project check point is in Prof. Kale's office 4212 SC.

November 11
MP5 is released but will be optional. It will be due the Wednesday Dec. 2 following Thanksgiving break and if you do it and get a better grade then one of the previous MPs it will replace that MP grade. This will be scaled if it is used to replace MP0.

November 5
Signups for the project checkpoint are open on the Projects page. Please signup as soon as possible if your group can not make any of the available times we will try to make some other arrangements.

November 2
In some cases when compiling locally on turing such as for the cache part of MP4 you will need to use the -m32 or -m64 flag.

October 26
MP4 will be done on the csil linux systems. Everyone in the class should have an account on these systems. Please check that you do by logging on to the csil-linux-ts1.cs.uiuc.edu system using ssh or in the labs in the basement of Seibel with your netid and AD password. If you have any problems please contact ta420@cs.uiuc.edu.

MP4 is now released and can be found here MP4 – OpenMP and Caches.

October 21
There was a discrepancy between the due dates posted for MP3 so the due date has been updated to the later date. MP3 is now due on Friday October 23 matching the date posted on the lectures page.

October 14
For those who may not have noticed, MP3 is released. Details can be found here MP3 -- Sorting.

October 5
There are extra office hours Monday and Tuesday 2pm - 4pm in 4103 for people trying to finish MP2.

October 3
Sorry for the late notice but here is the late policy for MP2. The MP can be turned in late up to Wednesday for a loss of 5%. Later there will be a clear late policy for future MPs which will not be as lenient. I apologize for the late notice of these details.

September 28
The deadline for forming groups has been extended it is now due on Wednesday September 30.

September 22
MP 2 was just released due to the delay I have extended the deadline until Saturday October 3rd. The assignment can be found here MP2 -- Forces on a Particle Cloud (Charm++).

September 21
The deadlines for forming groups and check points of the class projects have been updated. Please check the Projects link for more information. MP 2 will be released later today and is due on Friday October 2nd.

September 2
MP 1 has been released. It is due on Tuesday September 15. This is a hard deadline since there will be maintenance on the Turing cluster that is expected to start the next day. This MP is using MPI please read Turing Quick Guide to help you get started with it if you have not yet done so.

August 31
At this point everyone should have received email about accounts on the turning cluster. If you have not please email ta420@cs.uiuc.edu.

August 30
MP 0 has had a slight correction, the force calculation had an error in it. For this MP either version of the force calculation will be accepted.

August 27
MP 0 has been released you can get the information here MP0 -- Forces on a Particle Cloud (Sequential) . It is due Wednesday September 2nd.

August 11
Welcome to CS 420. We will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 am to 11:50 am in 1109 SC. Please contact ta420@cs.uiuc.edu if you have any questions.

The first day of class for CS 420 will be Monday, August 24th, 2009.

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