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CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics


Final Exam is Tuesday, May 8th, from 7pm to 10pm, in 1404 Siebel Center

Date Topic Downloads Assignment
1/17 Graphics at Illinois    
1/19 Introduction (1.1-1.5,7.13.4,7.9) Image Formation.pptx  
1/24 OpenGL, Indexed Face Set (1.6-1.9) OpenGL.pptx  
1/26 Transformational Geometry (4.1-4.9) Transformational Geometry.pptx [ch4]  
1/31 Composition of Transformation Hierarchical Modeling.pptx
3-D Transformational Geometry.pptx (pdf)
MP1 Assigned
2/2 Viewing (5.3) Viewing.pptx (pdf)  
2/7 Projection (5.4-5.5) Perspective 3D.pptx  
2/9 Phong Shading (6.1-6.5,6.7-6.8) Lighting.ppt  
2/14 Vertex Shaders (9.1-9.8) Vertex Shader.ppt glsl-teapot.zip MP1 Due
MP2 Assigned
2/16 Clipping (7.3-7.7) Clipping.ppt  
2/21 Exam [exam1] (1.a. "Viewing" should be "World" in the last sentence.)  
2/23 Rasterization (7.8,7.10)
Rasterization.pptx Rasterization.pdf
2/28 Texture Mapping (8.7-8.13)
Texture Mapping.ppt Texture Mapping.pdf
3/1 Texture Coordinates Texture Coordinates.ppt Texture Coordinates.pdf
3/6 Visibility (7.11) Zbuffer.ppt Shadows.pptx
3/8 Color Spaces (7.13.1)
3/13 Fragment Shaders (9.9-9.13)
Fragment Shader.ppt  
3/15 Exam    
3/27 Bezier Curves Curves.ppt (Articles on the teapot 1 and 2)  
3/29 NURBS    
4/3 Polar Forms blossoms.ppt
4/5 Parametric & Swept Surfaces
Parametric Surfaces.pptx
4/10 Meshes Meshes.pptx MP4
4/12 Particle Systems
Particle Systems.pdf
4/17 Skinning
Skinning.pptx Facial rigging  
4/19 Animation & QS Decomp, Quaternions
4/24 Implicit Surfaces & Volumes
Volume Solid Modeling.pptx
4/26 Natural Modeling Fractal Modeling.pptx  
5/1 Review   MP4 Due
5/3 Reading Day (no class)    
5/8 Final Exam 1404 Siebel Center, 7pm - 10pm  
Date Topic Notes
1/23 Introduction and OpenGL Setup Slides DemoProject VS08 DemoProject VS10 Source
1/30 Transformations, Camera Viewing
and Projection in OpenGL 
Object Manipulation and Display Acceleration
2/6 MP1 Slides
2/13 MP1 Q&A Bring your laptops to class
MP2 Flight Simulator
Midterm Q&A
GLSL Basics Slides Sample Code\ Glew Library
3/5 MP2 Q&A Bring your laptops to class
MP3 : Projection
Hidden Surface Removal
and Texturing Mapping + Midterm Q&A
Slides sample image reader (for ppm images)
Environment Mapping + MP3 Q&A Slides
4/2 MP3 Q&A Bring your laptops to class
Particle Systems Slides
4/16 MP4: Jello Slides
4/23 MP4 Q&A  
4/30 Final Q&A Bring your questions
Contact Info

Instructor: Prof. John Hart
Email: jch at illinois dot edu
Web: http://graphics.cs.uiuc.edu/~jch
Phone: 217-333-8740
Office: 3227 SC

TA: RJ Marsan
Email: marsan1 at illinois dot edu
Office Hour Location : 0207 Siebel Center
Office Hours : Wed. 12:00-1:00  

Group Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/cs418sp12

Class Schedule

Lecture (Fundamentals)
Led by Instructor
03:30 PM - 04:45 PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays
1310 DCL

Discussion Section (OpenGL Programming Details)
Led by TA
Mondays at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00pm (Pick one)1111 Siebel Center

Grading Policy
MP1 MP2 MP3 MP4 Exam1 Exam2 Final
10% 10% 20% 10% 15% 15% 20%

We will use the textbook "Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach using OpenGL," by Ed Angel. The main difference between recent editions is the shader programming details,, and those change from year to year so don't worry too much about the edition, and use the web to find the most recent information on shader programming. Here's a link to the 5th edition's table of contents.

All of the programming in class will be in C using OpenGL, so you may find helpful the book "OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL" (Version 2, 5th Edition) by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board.

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