iBook 2S Development Plan

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Development Plan

Relational Schema

User (E-mail, Name, DealCount, Password)

Bid (BidNumber, OBprice, CurrentPrice, LastingTime, SelectedAddress, WinnerEmail, BidBookNumber)

Order (BidNumber, OBprice, CurrentPrice, LastingTime, SelectedAddress, WinnerEmail, BidBookNumber , ReceiptNumber, Date)

Book (BookNumber, BookPrice, Author, ISBN, Title,Bookaddress, HolderEmail)

Location (Address, AddStatus)

Associate (E-mail, Address)


User-> E-mail, UserName, OB-price, CurrentPrice, LastingTime

Order -> DealCount

System -> BidNumber, ReceiptNumber, Date, BookNumber, AddStatus


Amazon -> Author, Title, BookPrice, ISBN

Google -> Address

Database, software,  platforms/languages

Linux : operating system.

Apache: web server.


PHP, XML, JavaScript, HTML: language

Where and how we will get data for the application
  1. ISBN online database at http://isbndb.com/
  2. User information(preferences) obtained from user registration.
  3. On-campus location data from UIUC ADAand Google Map
  4. Order data:  we need to generate this data from above information.
Labour Division

Fan, Youxin (Web Programming - Frontend)

Xiaodan, Shengchao (DB Programming - Backend)

Back and front personals could switch due to individual expertise。

And we will work together to assemble all parts and push to server.

Project Timeline
Feb 24
Empty Database Setup General Web Page Design
March 1 Database Linkage via ISBN User Interface Construction, upon Registration
March 8 Database Linkage via UIUC ADA and Google Map Advanced Function Interface
Date Whole Team
March 13 Initial Demo
March 15
Exchange & Auction System Design
March 29 Location Search


Date Whole Team
April 5 Testing & Final Rundown
April 17 Final Demo
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