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May 10: Final Exam locations have been posted on the Exams page. These are NOT the same as for the midterms.
May 8: Reminder: Review Session 3-5pm Today in 1404
May 8: Labs 7, 10, and 11 have been graded, and are on Compass, along with everything besides MP 7 and the final.
May 7: There will be extra lab hours from 4pm to 6pm today.
May 6: MP 7 has been graded, regrades are due by Saturday, 6 May at 11:59pm. Test cases are available.
May 5: There has been a correction to MC 9 on Midterm 2. The scores will be updated accordingly.
May 3: Final review sessions are scheduled for Wednesday 5/4 @ 7-9pm and Sunday 5/8 @ 3-5pm in room 1404 Siebel
May 3: Fall'09 practice final exam posted on Exams page
May 1: MP 7 has been extended until Wednesday, 4 May, at 11:59pm.
April 30: Midterm 2 Rubric is now available.
April 28: Lab 12 will be graded on Sunday, May 1, at 11:59pm.
April 23: Lab 11 will be collected in lab section next week. You can download the worksheet here.
April 19: MP 6's tests have been fixed to match the tests that are ran in the grading scripts. The latest versions of the tests can be found in the svn. Additionally, the grading scripts have been reran and grades have been emailed out. The regrade due date is Wednesday, April 20, 11:59pm.
April 18: MP 6 regrade has been extended and the regrade penalty will be waived. We will announce the new deadline soon. We are working on the issues. If you are concerned, for now just work on passing the mp6_tests and start on MP 7.
April 17: Lab 10 will now be graded on Tuesday, 19 April, at 11:59pm
April 16: MP 6 Test cases are avaliable. The regrade will be due on Sunday, April 17, 11:59pm.
April 16: MP 7 is out. 7.1 is easy extra credit... do it today! 7.1 is due 22 April; 7.1 & 7.2 are due 2 May.
April 14: Lab 10 will be graded on Sunday, 17 April, at 11:59pm
April 6: There is a small bug in the provided kdtilemapper.cpp for MP 6. Instructions for fixing it are on the MP 6 page.
April 4: If you're having trouble understanding AVL trees, we've posted a previous AVL tree lab that may be helpful.
April 4: Annotations from the review session are available on the Exams page.
April 3: The link to the Fall 09 Midterm 2 on the Sample Exams page has been fixed.
April 3: Exam Review Sunday, April 3, 7-9pm. Location tentatively Siebel 2405. Be there or be O(n²).
April 2: MP 5 Test cases are avaliable. The regrade will be due on Sunday, April 3, 11:59pm.
April 1: The previous message was an April Fool's joke. The exam is still on Tuesday. There will be an announcement here about a review session either Sunday or Monday night, vote on the newsgroup .
March 30: Due to unforeseen room scheduling difficulties, the exam has been rescheduled to tomorrow, Thursday, March 31, 7-9pm. Room assignments are available on the Exams page.
March 22: MP 6 is out! Have fun!
March 15: Exam 1 rubric finally posted on the Exams page!
March 14: MP 4 grading complete. Test cases are available. We are still looking into possible issues, if you think something went wrong, email cs225help@cs.illinois.edu
March 13: Lab 6 grades are out. View lab06/Grade.txt on svn or type 'svn up' inside your lab06 folder.
March 12: Lab 4 grades are out. View lab04/Grade.txt on svn or type 'svn up' inside your lab04 folder.
March 12: MP 5 released. 5.1 due Friday, 18 March. 5.1 and 5.2 due Friday, 1 April. Start now. There will not be office hours over break.
March 11: MP 4 deadline is extended until Sunday, March 13, 11:59pm. Note that the future MPs are longer, and if you are needing this extension, you should be starting much earlier.
March 11: Lab 7 will be graded Sunday, 11:59pm.
March 10: If you're having trouble understanding colorPickers in MP 4, we encourage you to read our discussion of functors.
March 5: MP4.1 Grading complete. In addition to the usual email, you can find a report of the test cases (with names) you passed/failed (with reasons) in your svn. Type 'svn up' in your mp4/ folder to download Grade.txt from svn. Note that scores are multiplied by 10 (a perfect shows up as 10 in the email, 100 in Grade.txt), and that this is just for your benefit in debugging; the score used in your grade will be the one from the email.
March 3: Lab 6 will be graded Sunday, 6 March, at 11:59pm. Make sure you get an updated main.cpp that checks your sum function leaves the stack unmodified.
March 3: Lab 3 grades are out. Check out your svn to see the grading report (or type 'svn up' inside your lab03 folder)
February 28: MP3 has been graded. Test cases are available. The regrade is due Tuesday, March 1, 11:59pm.
February 28: MP 4 is released. Extra credit deadline is Friday, 4 March, 4.2 deadline is Friday, 11 March.
February 25: Due date for MP3 has been extended to 2/27, 11:59p
February 18: Exam 1 room locations have been posted
February 12: MP2 has been graded. Regrades are due Sunday February 13, 11:59pm. Tests cases are available here.
February 11: Lab 2 grades are out. Check out your svn to see the grading report (or type 'svn up' inside your lab02 folder)
February 8: Lab 3 will be graded Sunday, 13 Feb at 11:59 pm. We will be continuing work on lab 3 as the main activity in lab this week, in addition to other review material and discussion of const.
February 8: MP 3 released. MP 3.1 due Thursday, February 17th, MP3 due Thursday, February 24th.
February 5: MP2 due date extended to Fri, Feb 11 thanks to the Snowpocalypse.
January 31: MP2.1 spec updated with info about double inclusion guards---double check the spec to make sure you've got them.
January 30: Solutions to Friday's DYB are here (recursion, recurrences, induction).
January 28: Lab 2 will be graded at 11:59 this Sunday, January 30. Make sure you have your code checked into svn by then.
January 28: Super DYB tonight: 6-8pm in 1404! If you're feeling lost in lecture, this is for you! Also featuring The Matrix afterwards.
January 26: MP1 Test cases are available
January 26: MP 2 released, due Tuesday, February 1
January 21: Jack's DYB will be in Siebel 2407 (6pm tonight)
January 19: Introductory Linux tutorials 1/20 and 1/21, 7-9p, Siebel 0224
January 19: Homework 0 released, due 24 Jan in lecture
January 19: MP 1 released, due 25 Jan
January 18: What you need to know today: a survival guide

Course Schedule

AL1 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM MWF - Siebel 1404
AL2 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM MWF - DCL 1310

Section - Siebel 0224 (Not Siebel ARR)
AYB Wed 1-2:50 PM
AYJ Wed 5-6:50 PM
AYC Thu 9-10:50 AM
AYD Thu 11-12:50 PM
[AYE] Thu 1-2:50 PM
AYF Thu 3-4:50 PM
AYI Thu 5-6:50 PM
[AYG] Fri 9-10:50 AM
AYH Fri 1-2:50 PM

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