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Dec 16: All lab and MP grades are now uploaded to compass. Please let us know if there are any discrepancies with the grade in your SVN.
Dec 13: MP 7 resubmission grading is complete.
Dec 11: Lab12 grading is complete.
Dec 11: Final Exam Room Locations have been posted. Please remember, the exam is at Monday @ 1:30pm
Dec 10: Lab11 grading is complete.
Dec 10: MP 7 Grading is complete. Resubmission is due Sunday, 11 Dec @ 11:59pm.
Dec 7: There is also a review session tomorrow, Thursday, from 7-9pm in 1404 Siebel.
Dec 7: One last review session will be held on Sunday, 11 December in 1404 Siebel from 4:00-6:00pm.
Dec 6: Lab12 extended until 11:59p, 11/6 due to EWS downtime.
Dec 5: MP 7.1 extra credit grading is complete. Please see ExtraCreditGrade.txt in your SVN.
Dec 3: Lab10 Grading is complete.
Dec 3: Lab07 Grading is complete.
Dec 2: MP 6 resubmission grading is complete.
Nov 29: MP 6 grading is complete. Resubmission deadline is Wednesday, 30 November @ 11:59pm. Test cases are available.
Nov 18: MP 7 is out! Sorry for the delay. MP 7.1 due Thurs, 1 Dec, MP 7.2 due Thurs, 8 Dec (Reading Day).
Nov 15: Lab10 is due Wednesday, November 16, 6:59p
Nov 3: MP 5 resubmission grading is complete.
Nov 2: MP 6 is released! Be warned: MP 6 is harder than MP 5; you should start now (you know all the material necessary to do so).
Oct 31: Midterm 2 room assignments have been posted on the Exams page. Happy Halloween!
Oct 29: MP 5 Grading complete. Resumbissions / regrades are due Sunday, 30 October, at 11:59pm.
Oct 26: MP 5.1 extra credit grading complete. There is an ExtraCreditGrade.txt in your svn.
Oct 17: MP 4 resubmission grading is complete. Piazza note
Oct 17: MP 3 resubmission grading is complete. Piazza note
Oct 15: MP 5 has been released. MP 5.1 due Friday, 21 Oct @ 11:59p, MP 5.2 due Friday, 28 Oct @ 11:59p.
Oct 15: Lab06 grading is complete. A Grade.txt file is in your svn.
Oct 15: MP 4 grading is complete; see MP Grading for how to see your grade and run our test cases. Resubmission deadline is Sunday 16 Oct @ 11:59pm.
Oct 11: MP 4.1 grading is complete. There is a Grade.txt in your svn. Make sure to refresh the page if you're accessing it with a web browser.
Oct 6: Lab06 is due Monday, 10 Oct @ 11:59pm.
Oct 3: MP 3 regrade has been extended until Wednesday, 5 Oct @ 11:59pm, with the regrade penalty changed from 75% to 90%:
Oct 2: MP 3 grading is complete, see MP Grading for details on running our test cases. Regrade is due Monday, 3 Oct @ 11:59pm.
Oct 1: MP 4 is out! 4.1 due this Friday, 7 Oct. 4.2 due 14 Oct.
Sept 26: Exam room locations have been posted.
Sept 26: There will be a review session in Everett 151 from 7pm-9pm tonight!
Sept 26: EWS Update:
Sept 24: MP 3.1 grading is complete. Note we do not release extra credit test cases, however any failing test case names should help you debug your code.
Sept 23: MP 3.1 deadline has been extended by 1 hour due to EWS downtime immediately before the deadline. In the future, you are encouraged to set up CS 225 on Your Own Machine.
Sept 21: Instructions for running ilist on the EWS machines for MP 3 have been updated, please see the instructions on the MP 3 page
Sept 21: Due to EWS issues, you may find it more convenient to do labs/MPs on your own machines. If you're interested in setting up your computer for CS 225 development, please see CS 225 on Your Own Machine.
Sept 20: MP 3 Provided test cases for monad have been released. These are the same test cases as mp3test runs in your mp3 folder. See MP Grading for more details.
Sept 20: Lab04 grading is complete. See MP Grading for how to see your score.
Sept 20: MP 2 regrade is complete. There will be a Regrade.txt iff your regraded score * 0.75 was higher than your original score.
Sept 20: Lab03 grading is complete. See MP Grading for how to see your score.
Sept 18: MP 2 grading is complete. Regrade is due Monday, 19 Sept @ 11:59pm. See MP Grading for information about how to see your score and run the test cases.
Sept 16: MP 3 is out!. MP3.1 due Friday, 23 September @ 11:59pm; MP3.1&3.2 Due: Friday, 30 September @ 11:59pm
Sept 13: MP 2 deadline is extended until 9/16, 11:59p.
Sept 12: Lab03 will be graded Wednesday, 14 Sept @ 11:59 pm because of this:
Sept 9: Lab03 will be graded Monday, 12 Sept @ 11:59 pm. The list of files used for grading is on the lab03 webpage. Note that any changes you may have made to main.cpp will not be graded; please don't put bug fixes in that file.
Sept 8: As announced on Piazza, MP 2.1 extra credit submission deadline has been moved to Friday, 9 Sept. @ 11:59pm due to the EWS issues.
Sept 7: MP 2 part 2.1 early submission deadline is extended until 9/9, 11:59p. Note that the original MP2 deadline, 9/13, 11:59p, is unchanged.
Sept 2: Lab02 will be graded next Tuesday, 6 Sept @ 11:59pm.
Sept 1: Issues due to 'make mp1' have been fixed; if you were affected your Grade.txt has been updated. Resubmission deadline is now Friday, 2 Sept @ 11:59pm.
Aug 31: If you lost points due to using 'make mp1' instead of 'make', your code will be regraded automatically, although in the future you should write your Makefile so that 'make' works. Please see:
Aug 31: MP 1 grading is complete. See MP Grading for information about how to see your score and run the test cases. Regrade is due Thursday, 1 Sept @ 11:59pm
Aug 31: MP 2 has been released. MP2.1 is due Tuesday, 6 Sept, MP2.1 & 2.2 due date TBA.
Aug 27: Weekend lab hours have been posted; check out the Calendar page!
Aug 26: If you previously read the Old Coding Style policy, please instead see the new Coding Style Policy and write your code to conform to it. Sorry about that! The good news is the new Coding Style Policy is MUCH shorter. If you haven't read either, read the new one and make sure your MP1 follows the style rules therein.
Aug 25: Info on the proficiency exam.
Aug 24: We now have lab hours! See them on the Calendar page.
Aug 23: You may now use the instructions HERE to sign up for piazza.
Aug 23: Please wait to sign up for Piazza until we get our tool set up to integrate with bluestem. This is due to legal reasons; We'll be ready for you to enroll soon! We will have more instructions for you then! If you have issues with HW0/MP1, for now email
Aug 23: HW 0 and MP 1 are up on the website now.
Aug 22: MP 1 released
Aug 22: Homework 0 released
Aug 22: What you need to know today: a survival guide

Course Schedule

AL1: 12:00-12:50p, MWF, Siebel 1404
AL2: 1:00-1:50p, MWF, Siebel 1404

Section - Siebel 0224 (Not Siebel ARR)
AYB W 7-8:50p, Arjan, Jack, Kyle
AYC R 9-10:50a, Daniel, Sandro
AYD R 11a-12:50p, Daniel, Mavis
AYE R 1-2:50p, Rui, Mavis
AYF R 3-4:50p, Bill, Harshitha
AYG R 5-6:50p, Bill, Roman, Harshitha
AYH R 7-8:50p, Arjan, Shreyas
AYI F 9-10:50a, Dave, Shreyas
AYJ F 11a-12:50p, Brent, Sandro
AYK F 1-2:50p, Bill, John
AYL F 3-4:50p, John, Roman
AYM F 5-6:50p, Sean, Jack

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