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NOTE: This is the Fall 2010 page. Click here to go to the Fall 2011 page.

December 11: Final MP7 lab hours: 3:30-5:30pm today, in 0224 Siebel (regular lab room)
December 9: Slice notes from final review are posted on OTF schedule page.
December 9: MP7 Test cases are available.
December 8: Additional review materials can be found here.
December 8: Final exam room assignments have been posted. These are not the same as for the midterms.
December 8: The Fall 2009 Final has been posted for extra review material.
December 7: There will be a review session this Thursday, December 9th, at 7-9pm in 1404 Siebel. Be there or be O(n²).
December 6: MP7 regrade/late penalty will be waived. We will still grade mp7 as usual based on pre-Wednesday 11:59pm submissions, after which test cases will be released. Regrades will be due no earlier than Saturday, Dec 11, at 11:59pm, for full credit.
December 1: MP6.2 Grading is complete. MP 6 Tests are available and regrades are due 12/2 11:59pm.
November 17: MP 7 Released
November 15: Midterm 2 Solutions and Statistics posted
November 3: MP 6 Released
November 1: All Sections are cancelled this week.
November 1: MP 5 Grading Complete. Regrade is due by 11:59 pm November 2. Test cases are available.
October 31: A new sample exam and location info for Exam 2 have been posted on the Exams page.
October 28: MP 5 due date has been extended to 10/31, 11:59p.
October 16: MP 4 Grading Complete. Regrade is due by October 18 11:59 pm. Test cases are available.
October 13: MP 5 Released
October 12: Grading rubric and solution for Exam 1 is available on the Exams page.
October 8: There is a regrade for Midterm 1 Question 3b. For more details please see the newsgroup.
October 1: The regrade submission deadline for MP 3 has been pushed back to 10/2/2010 11:59pm
October 1: MP3 test cases are available.
October 1: MP 4 Released
September 29: All Sections are cancelled this week. Lab hours will continue as normal (and possibly be augmented, check the Calendar for details).
September 25: We'll be having an MP2 solution party at 4pm this Sunday (Sept 26) at 4pm, (tentatively) located at 1404 Siebel.
September 22: The room assignments for Midterm 1 have been posted
September 15: MP 2 Grading Complete. Regrade is due by Sep 16 11:59 pm. Test cases are available.
September 15: MP 3 Released.
September 1: MP 2 released
September 1: MP 1 Grading Complete. Regrade is due by Sep 2 11:59 pm. Test cases are available.
August 23: MP 1 released
August 23: Hwk 0
August 23: What you need to know today: a survival guide

Course Schedule

Lectures - Siebel 1404
AL1 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM MWF
AL2 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM MWF

Section - Siebel 0224 (NOT Siebel 1214)
AYA Wed 1-2:50 PM
AYC Thu 9-10:50 AM
AYD Thu 11-12:50 PM
[AYE] Thu 1-2:50 PM
[AYF] Thu 3-4:50 PM
AYG Fri 9-10:50 AM
AYH Fri 11-12:50 PM
AYI Fri 1-2:50 PM
AYJ Fri 3-4:50 PM

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