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Apr 23: lab_heaps is out. Due 4/27.
Apr 22: MP7 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 4/29. Everything due 5/6.
Apr 16: lab_hash is out. Due 4/20.
Apr 16: The regrade request submission policy has changed significantly. See @4023 for details.
Apr 09: Code Challenge 3 will be held tonight at 9 PM.
Apr 07: lab_btree is out. Due 4/13.
Apr 04: MP6 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 4/15. Everything due 4/22.
Apr 02: lab_avl is out. Due 4/6.
Mar 19: lab_dict is out. Due 3/31.
Mar 17: CS199-CH Homepage can be accessed here.
Mar 14: MP5 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 3/21. Everything due 4/4.
Mar 12: lab_huffman is out. Due 3/16.
Mar 11: Code Challenge 2 on Wed, 3/12 at 9 PM.
Mar 05: lab_trees is out. Due 3/9.
Mar 02: First Honors Section meeting on 3/4 at 7 PM in SC 0216.
Feb 28: MP4 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 3/7. Everything due 3/14.
Feb 26: lab_quacks is out. Due 3/2.
Feb 19: lab_gdb is out. Due 2/23.
Feb 19: Code Challenge 1 will be held tonight at 9 PM.
Feb 12: lab_inheritance is out. Due 2/16
Feb 11: MP3 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 2/21. Everything due 2/28.
Feb 05: lab_memory is out. Due 2/9.
Jan 29: lab_debug is out. Due 2/2.
Jan 28: MP2 has been released. Part 1 extra credit due 2/4. Everything due 2/11.
Jan 27: There will be a Linux and Vim tutorial on Wednesday, January 29th starting at 9:00pm in Siebel Center room 0224.
Jan 22: MP1 has been released. Due on Tuesday, January 28th at 11:59pm.
Jan 22: lab_intro is out.
Jan 22: Homework released, due 1/27 in class and on the SVN. Details are here.
Jan 16: Proficiency Exam information for Spring, 2014 can be found here .

Course Schedule

AL1: 12-12:50p, MWF, Siebel 1404
AL2: 1-1:50p, MWF, Siebel 1404
AL3: 2-2:50p, MWF, Everitt 151


  • Siebel 0224
    • AYB: Wed 7-9p - Urvashi Khandelwal, Lisa Sproat, and Hongwei Wang
    • AYC: Thu 9-11a - Shruta Vagishwari and Chase Duncan
    • AYD: Thu 11a-1p - Jeffrey Tolar and Suharsh Sivakumar
    • AYE: Thu 1-3p - Chi Zhou and Boyang Chen
    • AYF: Thu 3-5p - Mingrui Chen and David Huang
    • AYG: Thu 5-7p - Bhuwan Khattar and Joe Ciurej
    • AYH: Thu 7-9p - Kay Byun and Chi Zhou
    • AYI: Fri 9-11a - Jared Saul and Josh Halstead
    • AYJ: Fri 11a-1p - Efe Karakus and Ahaan Ugale
    • AYK: Fri 1-3p - Jeffrey Tolar and Eunsoo Roh
    • AYL: Fri 3-5p - Zach Widder, Kavya Gundavaram, and David Huang
    • AYM: Fri 5-7p - Zach Widder and Ahaan Ugale
  • Siebel 1214
    • AYN*: Thu 1-3 - Tom Bogue and Alvin Jou
    • AYO*: Thu 3-5p - William Kennington and Lisa Sproat
    • AYA*: Thu 5-7p - Eunsoo Roh and Suharsh Sivakumar
    • AYQ*: Fri 9-11p - William Kennington and Ben Menke
    • AYR*: Fri 11-1p - Veer Dedhia and Parimal Singh
    • AYP*: Fri 1-3p - Matt Joras and Parimal Singh

*laptop required at sections AYN, ANO, AYO, AYA, AYR, and AYP

Page: Sandro Badame
Page: David Bremner
Page: Functors
Page: Jack Toole
Page: Rui Yang
Page: Arjan Singh Nirh
Page: Mark Overholt
Page: Nadia Tkach
Page: Alex Kravchenko
Page: Sang Hyun Park
Page: Kyle Johnson
Page: Honors
Page: Old Coding Style Policy
Page: Roshanak Zilouchian
Page: Harshitha Menon
Page: Simon Krueger
Page: Survival guide
Page: CS 225 FAQ
Page: Bill Bindi
Page: Andrew Harris
Page: April Fools
Page: Sean Massung
Page: Hongda Ma
Page: Chase Geigle
Page: Shreyas Narsipur
Page: Mavis Rodrigues
Page: Daniel Uhlig
Page: Roman Dudko
Page: Brent Hronik
Page: Caroline Schafer
Page: Tim Wang-Lee
Page: Sang Wook Park
Page: Eric Parsons
Page: Yi Cheng
Page: Ahaan Ugale
Page: William Kennington
Page: Ben Menke
Page: David Huang
Page: Yujie Chen
Page: Portfolio Points
Page: Virtual Machine
Page: Hyung Joo Kim
Page: Coding Spellbook
Page: Joe Ciurej
Page: Eunsoo Roh
Page: Suharsh Sivakumar
Page: Corey Fry
Page: Tom Bogue
Page: Veer Dedhia
Page: Shalmoli Gupta
Page: Copy of Suharsh Sivakumar
Page: Shivani Singh
Page: Shivani
Page: Urvashi Khandelwal
Page: Josh Halstead
Page: Shruta
Page: Gail Steitz
Page: Jared Saul
Page: Chi Zhou
Page: Boyang Chen
Page: Bhuwan Khattar
Page: Mingrui Chen
Page: Ben Ng
Page: Matthew Dierker
Page: Kay Byun
Page: Blake Bassett
Page: Shegufta Ahsan
Page: Efe Karakus
Page: Zachary Widder
Page: Hongwei Wang
Page: Lisa Sproat
Page: Chase Duncan
Page: Jeffrey Tolar
Page: Kavya Gundavaram
Page: Alvin Jou
Page: Code Challenges Spring 2014
Page: Shrutakeerti Vagishwari
Page: CS199-CH
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