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Fall 2011

Week 14

Google Street View Heads Indoors

Secret App

Week 13

When Secrets Aren't Safe With Journalists

More USA Censorship Concern

Laws to worry about

Week 12

Race Issue in Silicon Valley

What happens to whistle blowers

Week 11

CNN GPS Supreme Court Issue – Against

CNN GPS Supreme Court Issue – For

"Crazy" Whistleblower

Internet Filtering/Censorship

Domain Name Issue

Twitter Right of Response

Under-represented Language

Week 10

You Want to Track Me? Here You Go, F.B.I.

China censors Occupy WS News

Proposed internet legislation

More censorship in the USA, WikiLeaks

Week 9

Save Our Serendipity

Spying with iPhone

Another view of copyright

Week 8

Predicting Alcoholism from Facebook

Dissidents Online

Blackberry's Rotten Week

Week 7


Steve Jobs Commencement Address

Lessig on Copyright

Another take on patents


Interview with internet censor

Steve Jobs Remembered

Week 6

Rethinking the Internet

Week 5

U.K. Reaction to Riots

You have no choice--Big Brother


Week 4

Changing the Original Star Wars Films

Third Party Sites and Ethics

Internet ID

Small Town Gossip

Pledge for Hackers

Google Wallet

Week 3

One typo away from danger

Twitter "hacks"
Pictures of same

Week 2

Pilot Error Due to Computerization\

censorship in USA

Employees at Apple after Steven Jobs Departs

Using Smartphones to Connect to Translators

Running Robot Breaks Record

Summer 2011
Technology is swiftly making the concept of hand-to-hand combat an

Is Google making us stupid:

Building a non-censored internet
Releasing hacked data--this time from Arizona

from CPSR:

Fall 2010

Last Day of Class

Free speech and shutting down access to Wikileaks

Corporate censorship

The Value of a Reputation

What Price Reputation?

Online Libel Moves Toward Courts

After Thanksgiving

Whodunnit? Millions of U.S. military personnel have access to leaked information via a secret parallel internet

How the 'Dancing' vote was hacked

U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

Swedish Court Upholds Convictions in File-Sharing Case

Week Twelve

Robo-Copters Could Carry Troops to Safety

Sarah Palin E-Mail Hacker Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

Online outrage follows UK's 'Twitter Joke Trial'

NYC transit union chief seeks to unmask blogger

Report: Obama administration to appoint Web privacy czar

The Internet strikes again: RIP, white pages

Week Eleven

WikiLeaks - Russia next

Net Neutrality? Good Luck After These Elections

Week Nine and Ten

Police use botnet

Internet blacklist bill

Image manipulation

Week Seven and Eight

Printing System that Doesn't Print Banned Words

Let Your Fingers Do the Driving

Citizens monitoring cameras in Devon, UK

Student finds FBI GPS tracking device on car?

Videos posted by soldiers create new enemies

Another unfortunate email

Hacked Voting System Stored Accessible Password, Encryption Key

Week Six

No violation of the 5th amendment? Similar ruling happened in U.S.

Web Tastes Freedom Inside Syria, and It's Bitter

Prank or Hate Crime?

Movie: Social Network

Week Five

Cyberwarfare?The Stuxnet worm

Long-lasting cookie: Evercookie

Cyberwar Chief Calls for Secure Computer Network

Government wants to be able to wiretap it all

YouTube Can't Be Liable on Copyright, Spain Rules

Demand for Apple gadgets has created a system for buying iPhones in New York and reselling them in China

Week Four

Texting and lifeguards

Craigslist Takes One for the Internet

Google engineer fired for snooping

A Baby Photo Becomes an Internet Meme

Chase accounts go down

 Hacker hits NZ government site

Week Three

Hard Coding Your Email and Password

Wikipedia Edits

GPS on your vehicle-one rule for the rich, one for the rest of us

Warrantless GPS tracking of your cell phone

Week One

Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/Machines

Treating machines like people

Privacy/Control of your information

Posted information may come back to haunt you


Update on India's BlackBerry ban

Social Networks

In India, Using Facebook to Catch Scofflaw Drivers

Government Transparency, Corruption

Corruption Index and Prosperity

Fall 2009

Texing/Cell phones

Sprint makes it easy to do GPS tracking of cell phones for those with special web access

Texting and lipstick on your collar

High-Tech Baby Sitters Get Drivers Off Phone

Pilots busy with their laptops, miss their destination

Why do CAPITAL LETTERS so annoy us?

Gauging your distraction game .

How dangerous is texting while driving?

Texting While Driving Banned for Federal Staff
Federal employees will no longer be allowed to send text messages in government vehicles, or their own cars if they are using cellphones paid for by the government.

Twitter Snooze Feature

Glitch causes lost contacts, data from cell phones

Artificial Intelligence/Brain Research/Robots

Typing with your thoughts

Please Do Not Board The Elevator With The Robot

Controlling the brain and precisely controlling neurons through light

Brain scanners can tell what you're thinking about

Legal Challenges in the Age of Robotics

Privacy/Control of your information

Posted information may come back to haunt you

Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute

Vanish project to keep information private.

Google Ordered To ID Email Authors
York University has won court orders requiring Google Inc. and Canada's two largest telecommunications companies to reveal the
identities of the anonymous authors of contentious emails that accused the school's president of academic fraud.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has created a Web site with resources about Deep Packet Inspection.

One In Five Fall Victim To ID Theft
A fifth of all Australians are victims of credit card fraud or computer hackers. The identity crimes report found more than 1.5 million people's credit cards had been skimmed and 1.2 million people's bank accounts were illegally accessed.

Making Email Disappear/Reappear

Google ordered to ID email authors


Computer Programmers Accused Of Aiding Madoff Scam

You commit 3 felonies a day.

Defying Experts, Rogue Computer Code Still Lurks

Conficker: Top security experts cannot eradicate the malware or trace its origins and purpose.

Intellectual Property

Software Firms Eye Key Patent Case In Supreme Court
The case could make such patents harder to obtain in the future because software is generally patented as a process for doing something rather than as a physical invention.

Software patents form a minefield that slows and discourages software innovation

Eolas sues corporate giants over Web technology

Letting companies assemble a portfolio of other people's patents for the express purpose of suing alleged violators hardly serves that interest.

Issues to ponder

URLs in many languages

Technology helps blind to see

Wikipedia to vet edits on living people

Value added by the internet

The Do-It-Yourself Economy

Put the military on the internet

Social Networks

Does your social class determine your online social network?

Swine Flu and bad info on Twitter|

Facebook surfing while sick costs Swiss woman job|,16asx,2aec,3828,hc8y,9k8f,jvyt

Google reveals identity of Cohen 'skank' blogger
Does a court's order that Google turn over the identity of the blogger who called Liskula Cohen "skank" change the rules of blogging game? Not really--free political and religious speech is OK, but defaming people is malicious in the physical world as well as the internet world.

Comment on Anonymity by Maureen Dowd


Medieval Monastery Book Helpdesk

Avatar song: The song is currently #1 on both Amazon and iTunes.

We're number 37 in health care--YouTube .


Did Pentagon lose billions, pennies at a time?
A tiny conversion factor cost taxpayers $120 million a year in faulty payments to federal employees alone - not including employees at private contractors.

Access to Information

This is an amusing yet sad story about the unequal gap for broadband in Africa:'s 2009 Secrecy Report Card

Oracle is  taking over  the open-source database many of us depend on, mysql, in its takeover of Sun. Europe is worried


It all started 40 years ago from the 2nd of Sept., when a couple of computers were connected by a long gray cable in order to pass some data.  The experiment was funded by the Advanced Projects Research Agency (ARPA) and the project was called the ARPANET.  By the end of the year, four sites were connected.  Today it's hundreds of millions of computers and we call it the Internet.  National Geographic has a story and some video
< >
Wikipedia has a nice timeline for the ARPANET < >

As Internet Turns 40, Barriers Threaten Its Growth

How do big ideas spread on the Internet, and how are they changed in the process?

Spring 2009:

May 6

Web Giants Must Limit Internet's Carbon Footprint
Scientists estimate that the energy footprint of the net is growing by more than 10% each year.

With New Software, Iranians And Others Outwit Net Censors
The software was created not by Iranians, but by Chinese computer experts volunteering for Falun Gong.

Appeal On Internet Call Fees
The PSC had been trying to force Vonage and its customers to pay into Nebraska's Universal Service Fund.

Plan to monitor all internet use|,16asx,2aec,lzsl,j6jf,9k8f,jvyt

Time Warner Cable Cannot Possibly Compete With The Small City Of Wilson, NC|

Pirate Bay Verdict|
Pirate Bay Judge scandal|

April 14

Battlestar Gallactica and Ethics

Watch out for line commands

Facebook and grades

Judge Orders Web Site To Give Up Names
A Texas couple who say Internet posters made their lives "torture" after they were charged with rape are closer to stripping away their
tormentors' anonymity. A judge in California turned down a motion by to quash a subpoena for identifying information on 178
anonymous posters, ABC News reported. The judge ordered the Web site to discuss with the plaintiff couple which documents are relevant to the case.

German Regulators Fine Microsoft For Price-Fixing
Antitrust regulators fined Microsoft's German subsidiary 9 million euros and said the world's largest software maker illegally influenced retail prices for its Office 2007 programs. Microsoft said it will comply with German regulations.

April 7

Primer for Businesses

E-Waste - photo essay

Responses about the future:Statistics

Gang of villagers chase away Google Car:

Robots can steal my job now too:

April 1
Google's Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

March 29
The Dalai Lama isn't even safe.....
Iran Considers A Death Penalty for 'Offensive' Bloggers . . .
    World-wide, the number of state-sanctioned executions almost doubled last year. A report by Amnesty International shows Iran, Saudi Arabia and China as being responsible for 90 per cent of all executions in 2008. Now, Iran is proposing a new law that could see the death sentence imposed on Internet bloggers who post offensive material on the web.
When in 2000 regular print outlets were censored by the mullahs, many Iranians turned to blogging. Over the past decade, Iran has blossomed into a nation of bloggers. It is estimated that there are some 46,000 bloggers in the country.
Blogging in Iran is not without risk. Earlier this month, Iranian blogger Omid-Reza Mirsayafi was found dead in Tehran's Evin prison. He was serving a two and a half year sentence for allegedly "insulting Ayotollah Khomeini and the Supreme Leader Khamenei" and posting "seditious" materials on his blog.

March 16
Business especially for people with Asperger's syndrome
Back to the days of the Cold War,cybercrimeasaservice-takes-off.aspx
writers that sell toolkits online for as little as $400 now offer support (!)
Marian Catholic High School students told: Pay tuition or go home
Internet goes down at the wrong time.

March 9

We don't deserve the technology that we have

March 4

Catholics are urged to give up texting for Lent
Obama picks Net neutrality backer as FCC chief

March 2

Watch your email!

ACADEMIC JOB TALKS SEMINAR Security on DemandMunawar Hafiz
March 9 (Monday) at 10:00 a.m.3401 Siebel Center

Feb. 24

Now that we are all using gmail:

Feb. 23
"A few weeks after launching the first wide-scale layoffs in its history, Microsoft Corp. admits it screwed up a key part of the plan.

The company is asking some laid-off employees for a portion of their severance back, saying an administrative glitch caused the software maker to pay them too much.

The Redmond, Wash.-based software maker is asking former employees for reimbursement, by check or money order, within two weeks, according to a redacted letter posted by the technology blog TechCrunch. [Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman] confirmed the letter's authenticity."

Feb. 23

State to start charging sales tax on online digital purchases Oct. 1

Digital Music Service Dilemma:

Feb. 18

From a friend: If nothing else, FaceBook should give current users some time under the old policy to remove their content and their
accounts. I would love to see some questioning of changing ToS's without notification or a transition period. I've run into this elsewhere, and there is no way that people can
1) opt out of something they don't know exists
2) instantly drop a service that they've become invested in.
There has to be some responsibility on the part of the service provider to give reasonable notice and provide an exit for those who do not want to continue. Even if the service is "free."

Feb. 12

Taliban and iPhone--who knew?

Another Privacy Issue--Google Latitude

Feb. 10

Intellectual Property in the 21st Century

As part of InnovationWeek 2009, Manny Schecter from IBM will be on-campus speaking about Intellectual Property in the 21st Century.

Date: Thursday, 2/19

Time:  12:00pm-1:30pmLocation: 1214 Siebel Center
Cost: FREE and lunch will be provided

The nature of innovation has changed drastically in recent years. In a world dominated by networking technology that enables new types of collaboration, there are new and different ways to invent and build things. Management of intellectual property must be examined holistically, not only from a business strategy perspective but from an engineering and development perspective. This talk, part of TEC's Innovation Week 2009, will address basic IP concepts, an innovation model for the 21st century, and how IBM's own strategy has evolved.
Don't miss this exciting opportunity! And FREE lunch will be served.
For more information on this lecture and InnovationWeek 2009 events, please visit:

Feb. 8

A Web site makes donors' information public, pitting concepts of political transparency and privacy against each other.

Feb. 3

The Spy Factory -- a new data mining method to find criminals before they act.

Feb. 1
Google begins effort to find Internet blockers

Time Bomb?

Air Tran Computer Glitch

Google Glitch

Jan. 18
From a friend: "Egyptian young people are using Facebook to connect and get around the censorship of other communications, but they are also broadcasting to the authorities who they are and what they're up to. The article ends by pointing out that you can supplement but not replace physical communications and connections with virtual ones."

Obama Blackberry

Finding lost email

The latest "Battle of the Brains" podcast is available at: Interview with IBM's Katharine Frase, Vice President of Technical and Business Strategy, IBM Software Group, with tips on the kinds of questions students should prepare to answer when hitting the job interview circuit.

Dec. 1

Free Speech-Turkey blocks YouTube, Google's decision

Citizen journalists use Twitter, email, etc.

Mombai pictures
We had no access like this in 2001--how times have changed!

Anthony Avina sent this: Facebook won $873 million against a Canadian spammer under CAN-SPAM Act.
Direct link to article:

Simo Leone caught this article in the Tribune, might be an interesting case to follow in the future too.,0,1854970.story
Also a lot of good reviews in the article.
Teen suicide in front of web cam

Obama's Verizon phone records accessed illegally,2817,2335143,00.asp

Nov. 17
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose

Good Talk Dec. 1--Biometrics


'WIRED' OBAMA MAY HAVE TO GIVE UP BLACKBERRY,139a0,2aec,c89y,d67a,9k8f,jvyt
Vitual Affair leads to Virtual Divorce
Nov. 10

Apply for a job in the next government

Preserving Plato games:

CTO - Chief Technology Officer - for the USA

Nov. 3
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo debugging code of global conduct

Authors, publishers settle copyright suit against Google
Consumers may soon be able to search, preview and buy millions of hard-to-find books, thanks to a deal announced Tuesday between Google and major copyright holders.---Mercury News

Oct. 27

Oct. 31, 2008
1404 Siebel Center

Hacking Politics: The Digital Age of Voting and Privacy.

With less than a week before the presidential election, come join us this Halloween to find out how technology and privacy are being used to impact the election. Hear about social networking, voting machine security, and election fraud from Matt Cheney. Hear about privacy- or rather, the lack thereof- from Michael Perry.

5:30-6:30 1404 SC
The Digital Wild West of American Politics:
How Computers and the Internet are Being Used and Misused in the 2008 election: By Matt Cheney

6:30-7:00 SC Atrium
Dinner provided by SIGMil

7:00-8:00 1404 SC
How Technology Changes Your Privacy by Michael Perry

Woman arrested for killing virtual husband in Maple Story
The spurned make-believe wife was so angry at being jilted that she logged into the game using her partner's password and destroyed the character that he had spent a year creating.,12rom,2aec,6wy2,mggy,9k8f,jvyt
A law that would make it easier to hunt individuals suspected of illegal filesharing over the internet. The proposed law is set to go into effect in April 2009. The government wants to give copyright holders, such as film and music companies, the ability to request information from internet service providers about individual users tied to IP addresses through which copyrighted material has been downloaded.,12rom,2aec,ixrw,bw7d,9k8f,jvyt
An Edmonton man has been ordered to pay $50,000 in damages to anti-hate crusader Richard Warman, who was targeted for death in a series of vile Internet postings. The threats were "vicious, profane and extreme.",12rom,2aec,6284,fcz7,9k8f,jvyt
..."the county will now only list those convicted of DWI-related crimes after a trial or plea bargain."

Oct. 20

Baylor University and SAT scores

DMCA Catches McCain On YouTube

YouTube has pulled ads for John McCain that appear to violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, using copyrighted material from Fox News.Back in 1998, Senator John McCain voted for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 10 years later he's a victim of it. YouTube has pulled ads for the McCain Presidential campaign after Fox News has claimed they illegally use copyrighted material.

Oct. 13 Activist Nuns on Terrorist list  Voters told they cannot vote (but they can)

Oct. 5

What a bad User Interface can do?
"Both Hutchins and Sheridan said the activists' names were entered into the state police database as terrorists partly because the software offered limited options for classifying entries."

From: Jessa Wang re: the MIT students who hacked the fare cards on the Boston Metro.
The MBTA did not carry out any more of the after-math actions but in this url, it is stated that the involvement of FBI (criminal charges) in this case and the students had not really disclosed the key info needed for replication of attacks (rather the key info was disclosed by MBTA themselves when they file for the lawsuit) :

Get your resume checked at (Yes, he chose the name Rands) Google stock price computer error

Anthony Gorczyca thought we might find this picture entertaining after some classes watched "Hacking Democracy".  The caption is: "Diebold? Or just quietly?"

Sent by Anthony Avina -- a trailer for a new movie called Flash of Genius, which is about a man who invented the windshield wipers and had his idea stolen by a car company

Sept. 29, 2008

  Another way to look at the economic problems:

Moore's 'Slacker Uprising' Makes a Splash Online

Sept 22, 2008

 another election link:

Sept. 15, 2008

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