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Frequently Asked Questions


 I have a few questions about the "Introductions" presentation

 1. We give the presentation with another student. Will we both  receive the same grade? Do you expect us to work closely together on this? Or should we be more separate? (like one person introduce the  topic, and one do the game)


You usually get the same grade. On rare occasions, when one person obviously is working to be lively and engaging and the other is not, the unanimated person could get a lower grade.

Please work closely together--the more the better, so it comes off smoothly as a team effort. One person can announce the game and one write the scores on the board, but both should do the slides.


 2. How long should the Introduction presentation be? If there are two  introductions scheduled, does that mean ours should be  shorter?


Up to a half hour in length or less. No limit on that day.

I've a question about my introduction topic (netiquette). I just checked the class site and under topics it said "Netiquette (for both these introductions be guided by our readings)". What exactly does that mean? By "readings" are you referring to the netiquette sections in the 210 textbook?


Yes, the book breaks up Netiquette into several categories. Other forms of communication may have been overlooked or under-represented. One thing that works well is having people list the things that irritate them the most and having a vote or discussion.

What do you mean by licensing?


Should we license programmers? We license doctors and teachers, why not programmers?

Taking Back Compass Submissions

  • As long as the due date has not passed, you can take back a submission, revise it, and resubmit it.
  • Click on "Assignments"
  • From the "Submitted" tab, locate the submission you want to take back and, under "Actions", click "Take Submission Back to Inbox" icon. The submission is moved to your the Inbox tab.

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