Computer Science Proficiency Exams

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Computer Science Proficiency Exams

This page contains information for the regular start-of-term offerings of the proficiency exams for CS 101, 105, 125, 173, and 225.  Consult course instructors for information about taking proficiency exams in other courses, or taking a course final as a proficiency exam.

For Spring 2014, the proficiency exams for CS 101, 105, 125, 173, and 225 are scheduled for 1:30-4:30 on Saturday January 25th, with a conflict exam at 7-10pm on Thursday January 23rd.   In both cases, go to 1404 Siebel unless you have been told otherwise (e.g. by email).   Sign up using the following form by 11pm on Thursday the 23rd for the main exam.   If you need to take an exam at the conflict time, you must sign up by 11pm on Wednesday the 22nd.

Students may take a proficiency exam at the conflict time only when there is a compelling reason why they cannot take the exam at the regular time, e.g. religious obligations, conflicts among proficiency exams and/or other scheduled university activities.  

Here is a map of the Siebel Center.   

You must bring a photo ID to the exam.  

In general terms, the proficiency exam for each course is similar to a course final.    The web sites for the individual courses contain study materials for the course finals, lecture notes, and other information you can use to prepare for the proficiency exam.    Here are some useful links:

Be aware that you cannot take the proficiency exam for a course if you have already received a grade (even a failing one) in that course.  If you have taken more advanced courses in the same topic area, you can still take the exam.   However, you must consult with the instructor and/or the CS academic office about whether you can get actual credit or merely be exempted from the requirement to take the course.   

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