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Due to space constraints the main and conflict midterm III exams have switched dates; the main midterm III exam is now Thursday 4/24 7:30pm.
  • What Now? Please read the course Policy, Lectures and online books (see below).
  • If you can already program, use recursion, can apply algorithm analysis to sorting algorithms, then sign up for the proficiency exam.

Getting Help

Stuck? Use Piazza. Private question? send us an email (cs125help)
Please send private course questions to : - please include your netid in your email and a relevant subject line.
Office Hours Start in Week 2. Visit us in Siebel Basement SC0226/SC0224: Office Hours-SP14
Missed lecture? Goto office hours (link above)! Handouts
Missed section? Attend a late section or use office hours!

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Class Schedule for Spring 2014

Main Lecture in Siebel 1404 Map,Plan
AL1 M/W/F 2:00pm - 2:50pm
AL2 M/W/F 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Discussion Sections 0224 SC (Basement)
Sections start the first week of class.

AYA Tues 09:00am-10:50 AYG Wed 09:00am-10:50
AYB Tues 11:00am-12:50 AYH Wed 11:00am-12:50
AYC Tues 01:00pm-02:50 AYI Wed 01:00pm-02:50
AYD Tues 03:00pm-04:50 AYJ Wed 03:00pm-04:50
AYE Tues 05:00pm-06:50 AYK Wed 05:00pm-06:50
AYF Tues 07:00pm-08:50  
Course highlights

Learn and reason about the machine model.
Create simple imperative programs solving a variety of tasks on different data types e.g., text search, ciphers, interactive graphical programs, image effects, 2D arrays, bit manipulation.
Create and use simple OO classes.
Use a visual debugger with breakpoints to determine code-path of complex code under different data conditions.
Use an industry-standard fully-featured modern IDE (e.g. Eclipse).
Use an industry-standard code repository system.
Write simple recursive methods.
Find and fix common errors in small code snippets.
Use simple data structures (Arrays, linked lists, simple trees).
Determine the output and expected running time of iterative and recursive algorithms (including quicksort and mergesort).
Reason about interleaved statements operating on a shared data structure.
Be able to develop programs using industry-standard pair programming techniques.
Lead code reviews.

Lawrence says... Did You Know?
  • Grace Hopper was the first digital computer programmer. She filed bug reports with real bugs). Grace Hopper appeared on Letterman and handed him 1 nanosecond.
  • The first computer computer programmer was Ada Lovelace?
  • Allegedly, one of the largest non-nuclear man-made explosions was due to a deliberate CIA bug?
  • Social and Educational Computing,Plato, and cross-platform multimedia browser, Mosaic, were pioneered at UIUC?
  • Some unsolved theoretical problems are worth 1 million dollars in prize money?
  • Computer Science includes numerous and varied sub-fields e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Algorithms, Vision, Language, Robotic Path Planning, Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), Mobile Computing, Operating systems, Simulation. Most of these are active research areas.
Free Books

CS125 Course Textbook(html,pdf,Paper (~$20))
Java Basics - Fred Swartz's Java Intro
Java Reference - Fred Swartz's Java reference
Java Basics - Bradley Kjell's gentle introduction

Java API Reference - Sun's Java API reference
Java Tutorial - Sun's language tutorial
Free Computer Books - Links organized by topic

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