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This is the home page for the Architecture Reading Group.

We hold our meetings, weekly, in Siebel Center 4403 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 on Wednesdays (Spring 2014). All are welcome. Please see the Meetings page in this space for the meeting schedules and links to the relevant papers. We use the architecture reading mailing list for announcements, so please sign up if you want to receive emails about upcoming sessions.

If you are interested in discussing a particular topic and/or paper, please add it to the Meeting Schedule page to lead a discussion session or Topic Suggestions page to recommend a paper to others.

Sessions are organized on the following basis. Each session has a host/leader. He or she is responsible for the paper(s) discussed in that session. A few slides should be prepared by that person for each of the papers being discussed. The slides are NOT intended to form the basis of a presentation, but merely to facilitate and give structure to the discussion. Specifically:

  • One slide should summarize the paper - what problem is tackled and how?
  • One or two slides highlighting the key contributions of the paper.
  • One or two slides containing questions or criticisms.

In cases where more than one paper is being discussed (i.e. sessions that are topic based), it will often be useful to prepare one or two slides to introduce the area and give some context for the papers.

It must be stressed that the goal of this reading group is not to criticize the paper(s) being discussed.  We can all find fault with various aspects of each paper (the ideas, the methodology, etc).  The more difficult task is to find and highlight the key contributions so that we can all learn from and build upon them.  Let us hold ourselves to this higher standard.  (Thank you Sam Stone for stressing this point.)

Last but not least, session leaders are not expected to be the final authority on the paper(s) being discussed. It's perfectly acceptable for a session leader not to fully understand the paper they're hosting; they should in such cases put their questions into the slides they prepare. Of course, the session leader is expected to have read their paper(s) in detail. (All participants are asked to read before the session - enough, at least, to make some constructive contribution.)

Quick Info

(Spring 2014)
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Siebel Center 4403
Meeting Schedule

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