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Welcome to the Aerospace Engineering Grad Student Advisory Committee webpage.

The Aerospace Engineering Graduate Advisory Committee was created to serve as a voice for all graduate students in the AE department. The Committee strives toward continuous improvement of the department to serve the needs of graduate students. In addition, it encourages involvement in student projects and initiates other projects to further improve students' experience in the department.

Current Representatives

Drew Ahern
Dimitrios Antartis
Robert Deters
Joseph Gonzalez
Daniel Morgan
Brent Pomeroy
Daniel Uhlig
Ankit Verma

Seminar Schedule

The GSAC seminars are a fun way to learn more about your fellow classmates, and the rest of the Aerospace Engineering Department. These seminars are meant to allow you to present work-in-progress, or to practice talks you will give in a conference. In particular, we would like to encourage a friendly environment where ideas about research can be shared.

The schedule for FALL 2012 is:

Date Day Speaker Title
09/12 Wed Kevin Hart Growth of a hierarchical, bio-inspired vasculature in an epoxy matrix using sacrificial fibers and electrical treeing (Abstract PDF)
09/28 Fri Joanie Stupik Optimal Pursuit/Evasion Spacecraft Trajectories in the Hill Reference Frame (Abstract  Presentation)
10/10 Wed Sean Hubbard Mitigation of Transonic Aeroelastic Instability by Targeted Energy Transfer (Abstract Presentation)
10/24 Wed Jeff Diebold Study of a Swept Wing with Leading-Edge Ice Using a Wake Survey Technique (Abstract Presentation)
11/07 Wed Dimitrios Antartis Residual Stresses and Mechanical Properties of Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials (Abstract  Presentation)
11/14 Wed Pradipto Ghosh Synthesis of Approximate-Optimal Feedback Strategies Using Spatial Statistics (Abstract Presentation)
12/05 Wed Anthony Coppola Vascularized three-dimensionally woven composites: structural integrity subject to in-plane tension (Abstract Presentation)

If you would like to give a seminar please don't hesitate to contact a member of GSAC or send an email to our suggestion drop box. Keep in mind that your GSAC presentation counts as 3 AE590 seminars (for the speaker not the attendees).

Looking for information about previous seminars? Check out our Seminar Archives

Contact Us

To contact us, send an email to the GSAC members, or you can email our suggestion drop box. If you are not sure who you want to talk to, you can send an email to the Aerospace Engineering department. You can view our bylaws here.

Daniel Uhlig

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