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Welcome to the Brett Daniel Software Engineering Seminar (cs591se), named in the loving memory of Brett Daniel

Organized by Tao Xie and Darko Marinov since Fall 2013. Before Fall 2013, the seminar was co-organized by Danny Dig (from Spring 2011 to Spring 2013), Ralph Johnson (from inception to Spring 2011), and Darko Marinov (from inception to Fall 2012).

For announcements, please subscribe to the soft-eng mailing list

Spring 2014

This semester the seminar is co-organized by Sihan Li

Spring 2014 meetings: 4407 SC, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm on Thursdays.

Date Discussion Leader Topic
01/23 All Organizational Meeting
01/30 All Review and discuss the job application materials of SE candidates
02/06 All Continue to review and discuss the job application materials of SE candidates
02/13 Mohsen Vakilian Writers' Workshop
02/20 Milos Gligoric Scaling Regression Testing to Large Software Systems
by Alessandro Orso, Nanjuan Shi, and Mary Jean Harrold
02/27 Mohsen Vakilian Less Is Sometimes More in the Automation of Software Evolution Tasks
03/06 Cansu Erdogan Comparative causality: explaining the differences between executions
by William N. Sumner, Xiangyu Zhang
03/20 Alex Gyori Lightweight Control-Flow Instrumentation and Postmortem Analysis in Support of Debugging
by Peter Ohmann, Ben Liblit
04/03 Wei Yang KLEE: Unassisted and Automatic Generation of High-Coverage Tests for Complex Systems Programs
by Cristian Cadar, Daniel Dunbar, Dawson Engler
04/10 Blake Bassett Enhancing Symbolic Execution with Veritesting
by Thanassis Avgerinos, Alexandre Rebert, Sang Kil Cha, and David Brumley
Symbolic PathFinder: integrating symbolic execution with model checking for Java bytecode analysis
by Corina S. Pasareanu, Willem Visser, David H. Bushnell, Jaco Geldenhuys, Peter C. Mehlitz, Neha Rungta
04/17 Yi Zhang Calysto: Scalable and Precise Extended Static Checking

Fall 2013

This semester the seminar is co-organized by Yu Lin
Fall 2013 meetings: 4407 SC, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Thursdays.
The paper list for the seminar can be found here.

Date Discussion Leader Topic
09/05 All Organizational Meeting
09/12 Miryung Kim
(UT Austin)
Automation, Analysis, and Reconstruction of Systematic Software Changes
09/19 Darko Marinov A learning-based method for combining testing techniques
by Domenico Cotroneo, Roberto Pietrantuono, and Stefano Russo (ICSE '13)
09/26 All Half-day meeting to discuss research projects and collaborations
10/03 Alex Gyori Finding incorrect compositions of atomicity
by Peng Liu, Julian Dolby, and Charles Zhang (FSE '13)
10/10 Michael Lyu
(Chinese University of Hong Kong)
From Software Reliability Engineering to Service Reliability Engineering
10/17 August Shi Cachetor: detecting cacheable data to remove bloat
by Khanh Nguyen and Guoqing Xu (FSE '13)
10/24 Wei Yang Targeted and Depth-first Exploration for Systematic Testing of Android Apps
by Tanzirul Azim and Iulian Neamtiu (OOPSLA '13)
10/31 Lamyaa Eloussi KATCH: High-Coverage Testing of Software Patches
by Paul Dan Marinescu and Cristian Cadar (FSE '13)
11/07 Sai Zhang
Automated Diagnosis of End-User-Fixable Errors
11/14 Rohan Sharma Interaction-Based Test-Suite Minimization
by Dale Blue, Itai Segall, Rachel Tzoref-Brill, and Aviad Zlotnick (ICSE '13)
11/21 Farah Hariri Is This a Bug or an Obsolete Test
by Dan Hao, Tian Lan, Hongyu Zhang, Chao Guo, and Lu Zhang (ECOOP '13)
12/05 Yuan Chen Efficient Concurrency-Bug Detection Across Inputs
by Dongdong Deng, Wei Zhang and Shan Lu
12/12 Jeff Huang Effective Methods for Debugging Concurrent Software

Spring 2013

This semester the seminar is co-organized by Milos Gligoric
Spring 2013 meetings: 4124 SC, 10:00am – 11:00am on Thursdays.

Date Discussion Leader Topic
01/17 Danny Dig
Milos Gligoric
About Brett Daniel Software Engineering Seminar
01/24 Mihai Codoban
Design Lessons from the Fastest Q&A Site in the West
by Lena Mamykina, Bella Manoim, Manas Mittal, George Hripcsak, and Bjorn Hartmann (CHI'11)
01/31 Caius Brindescu A Taxonomy of Change Types and its Application in Software Evolution
by Steffen Lehnert, Qurat-ul-ann Farooq, and Matthias Riebisch (ECBS'12)
02/07 Mohsen Vakilian ReIm & ReImInfer: Checking and Inference of Reference Immutability and Method Purity
by Wei Huang, Ana Milanova, Werner Dietl, and Michael D. Ernst (OOPSLA'12)
02/14 Danny Dig
02/21 Mohsen Vaklian
Writer's Workshop
02/28 Claire Le Goues
Automatic Program Repair Using Genetic Programming
03/07 Samira Tasharofi Maple: a coverage-driven testing tool for multithreaded programs
by Jie Yu, Satish Narayanasamy, Cristiano Pereira, and Gilles Pokam (OOPSLA'12)
03/14 Yu Lin
03/28 Yilong Li
HDD: Hierarchical Delta Debugging
by Ghassan Misherghi and Zhendong Su (ICSE'06)
04/04 Hamid Jahani Expectations, Outcomes, and Challenges Of Modern Code Review
by Alberto Bacchelli and Christian Bird (ICSE'13)
04/11 Qingzhou Luo Understanding and Detecting Real-World Performance Bugs
by Guoliang Jin Linhai, Song Xiaoming Shi, Joel Scherpelz, and Shan Lu (PLDI'12)
04/18 Writer's Workshop Systematic Testing of Refactoring Engines on Real Software Projects
04/25 Stas Negara Why Don't Software Developers Use Static Analysis Tools to Find Bugs?
by Brittany Johnson, Yoonki Song, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Robert Bowdidge (ICSE'13)

Fall 2012

This semester we will focus on COPE.

Fall 2012 meetings: 2407 SC, 2:00pm – 3:00pm on Wednesdays

Date Discussion Leader Topic
08/29 Danny Dig Change-oriented Programming Environment (COPE summary)
by Danny Dig, Ralph Johnson, Darko Marinov, and Brian Bailey
09/05 Danny Dig Change-oriented Programming Environment (hard-copy handed at last seminar. Get a copy from SC 3212.)
by Danny Dig, Ralph Johnson, Darko Marinov, and Brian Bailey
09/12 Darko Marinov How Do Software Engineers Understand Code Changes? - An Exploratory Study in Industry
by Yida Tao, Yingnong Dang, Tao Xie, Dongmei Zhang, Sunghun Kim (FSE'12)
09/19 Stas Negara How Often Do Unintended Inconsistencies Happen?--- Deriving Modification Patterns and Detecting Overlooked Code Fragments —
by Yoshiki Higo and Shinji Kusumoto (ICSM'12)
09/26 Federica Paci
(University of Trento)
How Do You Know that a Security Requirements Method Actually Works?
(Joint meeting with the ITI Trust and Security Seminar)
10/03 Mihai Codoban Refactoring Edit History of Source Code
by Shinpei Hayashi, Takayuki Omori, Teruyoshi Zenmyo, Katsuhisa Maruyama and Motoshi Saeki (ICSM'12)
10/10 Krzysztof Zienkiewicz
& Caius Brindescu
Untangling Changes
by Kim Herzig, Andreas Zeller (TR Sep'11)
10/17 Danny Dig Speculative Analysis of Integrated Development Environment Recommendations
by Kıvanc Muslu, Yuriy Brun, Reid Holmes, Michael D. Ernst, David Notkin (OOPSLA'12)
10/24 Writer's Workshop A Compositional Approach to Automating Refactorings
by Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam, Stas Negara, and Ralph E. Johnson
10/31 Don Batory Intentional Software
by Charles Simonyi, Magnus Christerson, Shane Clifford (OOPSLA'06)
11/07 Bilge Acun History Slicing: Assisting Code-Evolution Tasks
by Francisco Servant and James Jones (FSE'12)
11/14 Dwight Guth Understanding Myths and Realities of Test-Suite Evolution
by Leandro Sales Pinto, Saurabh Sinha, and Alessandro Orso (FSE'12)
11/28 Mohsen Vakilian Improving Software Developers’ Fluency by Recommending Development Environment Commands
by Emerson Murphy-Hill, Rahul Jiresal and Gail C. Murphy (FSE'12)
12/05 Semih Okur Graph-based pattern-oriented, context-sensitive source code completion
by Anh Tuan Nguyen, Tung Thanh Nguyen, Hoan Anh Nguyen Ahmed Tamrawi, Hung Viet Nguyen, Jafar Al-Kofahi, Tien N. Nguyen (ICSE'12)
12/12 Qingzhou Luo LASE: Locating and Applying Systematic Edits by Learning from Examples
by Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley (ICSE'13)

Spring 2012

In Spring 2012, the seminar is co-organized by Mohsen Vakilian
Spring 2012 meetings: 3124 SC, 2:30pm – 3:30pm on Mondays

Date Presenter Topic
01/23 Stas Negara Systematic Editing: Generating Program Transformations from an Example
by Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley (PLDI 2011)
01/30 Sandro Badame Aligning Development Tools with the Way Programmers Think About Code Changes
by Marat Boshernitsan, Susan L. Graham, and Marti A. Hearst (CHI 2007)
02/06 Writer's Workshop How Do Developers Use Parallel Libraries?
by Semih Okur and Danny Dig
02/13 Writer's Workshop TransDPOR: A Novel Partial-Order Reduction Technique for Testing of Actor Programs
Samira Tasharofi, Rajesh Karmani, Steven Lauterburg, Axel Legay, Darko Marinov, and Gul Agha
02/20 Jon Tedesco Active Code Completion
by Cyrus Omar, YoungSeok Yoon, Thomas D. LaToza, and Brad A. Myers (To Appear in ICSE 2012)
02/27 Writer's Workshop Use, Disuse, and Misuse of Automated Refactorings
Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Stas Negara, Balaji Ambresh Rajkumar, Brian P. Bailey, Ralph E. Johnson (To Appear in ICSE 2012)
03/05 Writer's Workshop Understanding Integer Overflow in C/C++
by Will Dietz, Peng Li, John Regehr, and Vikram Adve (To Appear in ICSE 2012)
03/12 Michael Hind
(IBM Research)
The Impact of Multicore Architectures on Software: Disaster or Opportunity?
03/26 Shin Hwei Tan Practice talk for @tComment: Testing Javadoc Comments to Detect Comment-Code Inconsistencies
by Shin Hwei Tan, Darko Marinov, Lin Tan, Gary T. Leavens (To Appear in ICST 2012)
04/02 Yu Lin Evaluating Machine-Independent Metrics for State-Space Exploration
by Vilas Jagannath, Matt Kirn, Yu Lin and Darko Marinov (To Appear in ICST 2012)
04/09 Feng Qin
(The Ohio State University)
Hunting Bugs in General-Purpose and High-Performance Systems
04/16 Stas Negara Reconciling Manual and Automatic Refactoring
by Xi Ge, Quinton L. DuBose, and Emerson Murphy-Hill (To Appear in ICSE 2012)
04/23 Stas Negara WitchDoctor: IDE Support for Real-Time Auto-Completion of Refactorings
by Stephen R. Foster, William G. Griswold, and Sorin Lerner (To Appear in ICSE 2012)
04/30 Nipun Sehrawat Testing Atomicity of Composed Concurrent Operations
by Ohad Shacham, Nathan Bronson, Alex Aiken, Mooly Sagiv, Martin Vechev, and Eran Yahav (OOPSLA 2011)

Fall 2011

Fall 2011 meetings: 3124 SC, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
08/24 All Organizational Meeting (mandatory)
08/31 All Brainstorming research questions that could be answered with CodingTracker data.
Related paper: A Change-based Approach to Software Evolution by Romain Robbes and Michele Lanza (ENTCS 2007)
09/14 Qingzhou Luo
Adrian Nistor
Line-Up: A Complete and Automatic Linearizability Checker
by Sebastian Burckhardt, Chris Dern, Madanlal Musuvathi, and Roy Tan (PLDI 2010)
09/21 Samira Tasharofi A Trace Simplification Technique for Effective Debugging of Concurrent Programs
by Nicholas Jalbert and Koushik Sen (FSE 2010)
10/05 Francesco Sorrentino Symbolic Predictive Analysis for Concurrent Programs
by Chao Wang, Sudipta Kundu, Malay Ganai, and Aarti Gupta
Testing Concurrent Programs on Relaxed Memory Models
by Jacob Burnim, Koushik Sen, and Christos Stergiou
10/12 Mohsen Vakilian The Need for Richer Refactoring Usage Data
Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Stas Negara, Rajkumar Balaji Ambresh, Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam, Ralph E. Johnson (PLATEAU 2011)
10/19 Nick Chen Language of Language demo for OOPSLA/SPLASH
10/26 Writer's Workshop Fast and precise race analysis for loop-parallel Java programs
by Cosmin Radoi and Danny Dig
11/02 Jim Tonyan Do Code and Comments Co-Evolve? On the Relation Between Source Code and Comment Changes
by Beat Fluri, Michael Wursch, and Harald C. Gall (WCRE 2007)
11/09 Matt Kirn A practical guide for using statistical tests to assess randomized algorithms in software engineering
by Andrea Arcuri and Lionel Briand (ICSE 2011)
11/16 Yu Lin Automated Atomicity-Violation Fixing
by Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Wei Zhang, Shan Lu, and Ben Liblit (PLDI 2011)
11/30 Chen Fu
(Accenture Labs)
Maintaining And Evolving GUI-Directed Test Scripts
Mark Grechanik, Qing Xie, and Chen Fu (ICSE 2009)
12/07 Semih Okur Are Java Programmers Transitioning to Multicore? A Large Scale Study of Java FLOSS
by Weslley Torres, Gustavo Pinto, Benito Fernandes, Joa ̃o Paulo Oliveira, Filipe Ximenes, Fernando Castor (WTMC 2011)

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 meetings: 3124 SC, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
01/19 Mohsen Vakilian An Empirical Investigation into the Role of Refactorings during Software Evolution
by Miryung Kim, Dongxiang Cai, Sunghun Kim (ICSE'11)
01/26 Danny Dig Refactoring Java programs for flexible locking,
by Max Schäfer, Manu Sridharan, Julian Dolby, and Frank Tip (ICSE'11)
02/09 Stas Negara practice talk for Inferring Ownership Transfer for Efficient Message Passing
by Stas Negara, Rajesh K. Karmani, and Gul Agha (PPoPP 2011)
02/16 Mohsen Vakilian [1] Santini, S: We Are Sorry to Inform You ...
[2] Smith, A.J.: The task of the referee.
[3] Casati, Fabio, Fausto Giunchiglia, and Maurizio Marchese: Publish and perish: why the current publication and review model is killing research and wasting your money
[4] Shamir, Lior: The effect of conference proceedings on the scholarly communication in Computer Science and Engineering.
02/23 Jurand Nogiec Code bubbles: rethinking the user interface paradigm of integrated development environments
by Andrew Bragdon, Steven P. Reiss, Robert Zeleznik, Suman Karumuri, William Cheung, Joshua Kaplan, Christopher Coleman, Ferdi Adeputra, Joseph J. LaViola, Jr. (ICSE'10)
03/02 Samira, Mohsen, Stas Effective Static Analysis to Find Concurrency Bugs in Java 
by Luo, Zhi Da, Linda Hillis, Raja Das, and Yao Qi (SCAM'10)
03/16 Sandro Badame Refactoring Pipe-like Mashups for End-User Programmers
by Kathryn T. Stolee and Sebastian Elbaum (ICSE'11)
03/30 Karthik Manamcheri Symbolic Model Checking of Software Product Lines
by Andreas Classen, Patrick Heymans, Pierre-Yves Schobbens, and Axel Legay (ICSE'11)
04/06 Shin Hwei Tan Automatic Documentation Inference for Exceptions
by Raymond Buse and Westley Weimer (ISSTA '08)
04/13 Cosmin Radoi Effective Static Race Detection in Java (local copy here)
by Mayur Naik, Alex Aiken, John Whaley (PLDI'06)
04/20 Jeff Overbey Writer's Workshop
05/04 Fredrik Kjolstad Transformation for Class Immutability
by F. Kjolstad and D. Dig and G. Acevedo and M. Snir (ICSE 2011)

Fall 2010

In Fall 2010, the seminar was co-organized by Jeff Overbey and Samira Tasharofi
Fall 2010 meetings: 3124 SC, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Wednesdays
The Fall 2010 presentation schedule was/is available as an iCalendar and as an Atom (XML) feed.

Date Presenter Topic
08/25 Mohsen Vakilian Correct Refactoring of Concurrent Java Code
by Max Schäfer, Julian Dolby, Manu Sridharan, Emina Torlak and Frank Tip (ECOOP 2010)
09/01 Jeff Overbey Stepping Stones over the Refactoring Rubicon: Lightweight Language Extensions to Easily Realise Refactorings
by Max Schäfer, Mathieu Verbaere, Torbjörn Ekman and Oege de Moor (ECOOP 2009)
09/08 Samira Tasharofi Finding Race Conditions in Erlang with QuickCheck and PULSE
by Koen Claessen, Michal Palka, Nicholas Smallbone, John Hughes, Hans Svensson, Thomas Arts, and Ulf Wiger (ICFP 2009)
09/15 Rajesh Karmani Separating Functional and Parallel Correctness using Nondeterministic Sequential Specifications
by Jacob Burnim, George Necula, and Koushik Sen (HotPar '10)
09/22 Nicholas Chen Breaking the Barriers to Successful Refactoring: Observations and Tools for Extract Method
by Emerson Murphy-Hill and Andrew P. Black (ICSE 2008)
09/29 Vilas Jagannath Regression Model Checking
by Guowei Yang, Matthew B. Dwyer, Gregg Rothermel (ICSM 2009)
10/06 Cosmin Radoi Towards a Holistic Approach to Auto-Parallelization
by Georgios Tournavitis, Zheng Wang, Björn Franke, and Michael F.P. O'Boyle (PLDI '09)
10/13 Nicholas Chen Parallelizing Sequential Programs With Statistical Accuracy Tests
by Sasa Misailovic, Deokhwan Kim and Martin Rinard (Tech Report)
10/20 Dima Suvorov Search-Carrying Code
by Ali Taleghani and Joanne M. Atlee (ASE 2010)
10/27 Nicholas Chen Discussion of SPLASH 2010 Events
11/03 Steven Lauterburg

Francesco Sorrentino
practice talk for Basset: A Tool for Systematic Testing of Actor Programs
by S. Lauterburg, R. K. Karmani, D. Marinov, and G. Agha (FSE Demo 2010)
practice talk for PENELOPE: Weaving Threads to Expose Atomicity Violations
by F. Sorrentino, A. Farzan and P. Madhusudan (FSE 2010)
11/10 Matt Kirn Verifiable Functional Purity in Java
by Matthew Finifter, Adrian Mettler, Naveen Sastry, and David Wagner
11/17 Qingzhou Luo Lightweight Deterministic Multi-processor Replay of Concurrent Java Programs
by Jeff Huang, Peng Liu, and Charles Zhang (FSE2010)
12/01 Sasa Misailovic
Quality of Service Profiling
12/08 Charlie Meyer Practical and Effective Symbolic Analysis for Buffer Overflow Detection
by Lian Li, Cristina Cifuentes, Nathan Keynes (FSE 2010)

Spring 2010

In Spring 2010, the seminar was co-organized by Vilas Jagannath
Spring 2010 meetings: 4124 SC, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Fridays

Date Presenter Topic
01/22 Everyone Organizational Meeting (mandatory)
01/29 Nicholas Chen
Flapjax: A Programming Language for Ajax Applications
by Leo Meyerovich, Arjun Guha, Jacob Baskin, Greg Cooper, Michael Greenberg, Aleks Bromfield and Shriram Krishnamurthi (OOPSLA 2009)
02/05 Danny Dig Job Practice Talk
02/19 Brett Daniel On the Interplay Between Software Testing and Evolution and its Effect on Program Comprehension
by Leon Moonen, Arie van Deursen, Andy Zaidman, and Magiel Bruntink
02/26 Edgar Pek Safe and Timely Dynamic Updates for Multi-threaded Programs
by Iulian Neamtiu and Michael Hicks
03/05 Samira Tasharofi Is transactional programming actually easier?
03/12 Rajesh Karmani Evaluating Ordering Heuristics for Dynamic Partial-Order Reduction Techniques
03/19 Writer's Workshop for OOPSLA submission Immutator: Making Classes Immutable, by Fredrik Kjolstad, Gabriel Avecedo, Danny Dig
03/26 Wolfram Schulte
(Microsoft Research)
SPUR: A Trace-Based JIT Compiler for CIL
by Manuel Fahndrich, Francesco Logozzo, Wolfram Schulte, Nikolai Tillmann and Herman Venter
04/02 Vilas Jagannath MuTMuT: Efficient Exploration for Mutation Testing of Multithreaded Code
04/06 Swarup Kumar Sahoo An Empirical Study of Reported Bugs in Server Software with Implications for Automated Bug Diagnosis
by Swarup K Sahoo, John Criswel and Vikram S. Adve
04/16 Choonghwan Lee
Mining Exception-Handling Rules as Sequence Association Rules
by Suresh Thummalapenta and Tao Xie
04/23 Milos Gligoric Test Generation through Programming in UDITA
by Milos Gligoric, Tihomir Gvero, Vilas Jagannath, Sarfraz Khurshid, Viktor Kuncak, and Darko Marinov
04/30 Andrei Stefanescu jStar: Towards Practical Verification for Java
by D. Distefano and M. Parkinson

Fall 2009

In Fall 2009, the seminar was co-organized by Steven Lauterburg
Fall 2009 meetings: 3124 SC, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
08/26 no meeting How to Read an Engineering Research Paper
by William G. Griswold
Writing Good Software Engineering Research Papers
by Mary Shaw (ICSE 2003)
09/02 Brett Daniel Writer's workshop on UDITA: Unified Declarative and Imperative Test Abstractions
09/09 Danny Dig ReLooper: Refactoring for Loop Parallelism
by Danny Dig, Cosmin Radoi, Mihai Tarce, Marius Minea and Ralph Johnson
09/16 Samira Tasharofi Resources, Concurrency, and Local Reasoning
by Peter W. O'Hearn
09/23 Todd Millstein (UCLA)
joint meeting with Compiler Seminar
and Trust and Security Seminar
Fine-Grained Access Control with Object-Sensitive Roles
by Jeffrey Fischer, Daniel Marino, Rupak Majumdar and Todd Millstein (ECOOP 2009)
09/30 Jeff Overbey Prelim practice talk
New Techniques for the Rapid Construction of Refactoring Engines
10/07 Fredrik Kjolstad Refactoring Feature Modules
by Martin Kuhlemann, Don Batory and Sven Apel (ICSR 2009)
10/14 Milos Gligoric CodeBricks: Code Fragments as Building Blocks
by Guiseppe Attardi, Antonio Cisternino and Andrew Kennedy (PEPM 2003)
10/21 Damion Mitchell The secret life of bugs: Going past the errors and omissions in software repositories
by Jorge Aranda and Gina Venolia (ICSE 2009)
10/28 George Candea (EPFL) Deadlock Immunity: Enabling Systems To Defend Against Deadlocks
by Horatiu Jula, Daniel Tralamazza, Cristian Zamfir, George Candea (OSDI 2008)
Brett Daniel

Mohsen Vakilian
ASE 2009 practice talks
ReAssert: Suggesting Repairs for Broken Unit Tests
by Brett Daniel, Vilas Jagannath, Danny Dig, and Darko Marinov
Inferring Method Effect Summaries for Nested Heap Regions
by Mohsen Vakilian, Danny Dig, Robert Bochinno, Jeff Overbey, Vikram Adve, Ralph Johnson
Steven Lauterburg

Danny Dig
ASE 2009 practice talks
A Framework for State-Space Exploration of Java-based Actor Programs
by Steven Lauterburg, Mirco Dotta, Darko Marinov and Gul Agha
Inferring Method Effect Summaries for Nested Heap Regions
by Mohsen Vakilian, Danny Dig, Robert Bochinno, Jeff Overbey, Vikram Adve, Ralph Johnson
11/18 Dmytro Suvorov Faster than C#: efficient implementation of dynamic languages on .NET or this link
by Antonio Cuni, Davide Ancona, Armin Rigo (ICOOOLPS 2009)
12/02 Francesco Sorrentino Meta-analysis for Atomicity Violations under Nested Locking
by Azadeh Farzan, P. Madhusudan and Francesco Sorrentino

Spring 2009

In Spring 2009, the seminar was co-organized by Danny Dig
Spring 2009 meetings: 3102 SC, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
01/21 Danny Dig How We Refactor, and How We Know It
by Emerson Murphy-Hill, Chris Parnin, and Andrew P. Black (ICSE 2009)
01/28 Nick Chen Holmes: Effective Statistical Debugging via Efficient Path Profiling
by Trishul Chilimbi, Ben Liblit, Krishna Mehra, Aditya Nori, Kapil Vaswani (ICSE 2009)
02/04 Nick Chen Lessons Learned at 208K: Towards Debugging Millions of Cores
by Gregory L. Lee, Dong H. Ahn, Dorian C. Arnold, Bronis R. de Supinski, Matthew Legendre, Barton P. Miller, and Ben Liblit (SC 2008)
02/18 Lin Tan Leveraging Code Comments to Improve Software Reliability (practice talk)
02/25 Munawar Hafiz Security on Demand (practice talk)
03/04 Feng Chen Analyzing Execution Traces for Reliable Software (practice talk)
03/11 Vilas Jagannath JavaCOP: Declarative Pluggable Types for Java
by Shane Markstrum, Daniel Marino, Matthew Esquivel, Todd Millstein, Chris Andreae, and James Noble (submitted)
03/18 Danny Dig writer's workshop on Deterministic Parallel Java submission
04/01 Nick Bray
PyStream: Python on the GPU
04/08 joint seminar with DPJ and DeNovo groups Optimistic parallelism requires abstractions
by Kulkarni et al. (PLDI'07)
04/15   SE Qual Discussion
04/22 Yun Young Lee Taint-Based Directed Whitebox Fuzzing
by Vijay Ganesh, Tim Leek, Martin Rinard (ICSE 2009)
04/29 Mohsen Vakilian
Inferring Method Effect Summaries (writer's workshop for ASE submission)
05/06 Tom Ball
(Microsoft Research)
Program Analysis 2.0

Fall 2008

Fall 2008 meetings: 4124 SC, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
09/03 Patrick Meredith Efficient Monitoring of Parametric Context-Free Patterns
by Patrick Meredith, Dongyun Jin, Feng Chen and Grigore Rosu (ASE 2008)
09/10 Binh Le Broadway: A Compiler for Exploiting the Domain-Specific Semantics of Software Libraries
by Guyer, S.Z.; Lin, C. (Proceedings of the IEEE Volume 93, Issue 2, Feb. 2005 Page(s):342 - 357)
09/17 Nick Bray Code Generation by Model Transformation. A Case Study in Transformation Modularity
by Z. Hemel, L.C.L Kats, E. Visser
09/24 Jeff Overbey Generating Rewritable Abstract Syntax Trees: A Foundation for the Rapid Development of Source Code Transformation Tools
by Jeff Overbey and Ralph Johnson (SLE 2008)
10/01 Baris Aktemur Obtaining a staged type system (almost) for free
10/08 Danny Dig Concurrency Features in Java
10/22 Darko Marinov Duplicate Bug Reports Considered Harmful... Really?
by Nicolas Bettenburg, Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann, Sunghun Kim (ICSM 2008)
10/29 Gary Sevitsky
from IBM Research
Efficient Memory Usage in Java: Current Practices and Challenges
11/05 OOPSLA attendees Overview of OOPSLA 2008
11/12 Yun Young Lee Reducing wasted development time via continuous testing
by David Saff, Michael D. Ernst (ISSRE 2003)
11/19 Samira Tasharofi Indexing Noncrashing Failures: A Dynamic Program Slicing-Based Approach
by Chao Liu, Xiangyu Zhang, Jiawei Han, Yu Zhang, Bharat K. Bhargava (ICSM 2007)
12/03 Rajesh K. Karmani ActorFoundry: A Java-based library for Actor programming
12/10 Stas Negara Binary refactoring: improving code behind the scenes
by Eli Tilevich and Yannis Smaragdakis (ICSE 2005)

Spring 2008

In Spring 2008, the seminar was merged with the Formal Methods seminar and co-organized by Madhu Parthasarathy, Grigore Rosu, and Mahesh Viswanathan
Spring 2008 meetings: 4124 SC, 3-4pm on Wednesdays

Date Presenter Topic
01/25 Robby Findler
University of Chicago
DrScheme, why systems building matters
01/30 Shan Lu Fighting Concurrency Bugs
02/06 Feng Chen Monitoring Based Programming and Analysis
02/13 Joe Tucek Automatically dealing with failures at the end user site
02/20 Shobha Vasudevan Informal Tutorial on Hardware Verification
02/27 Brett Daniel Mirrors: Design Principles for Meta-level Facilities of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
by Gilad Bracha and David Ungar (OOPSLA '04)
03/05 Justin King Towards a Taxonomy of Software Change
03/12 Sameer Sundresh Language-level virtualization
03/26 Gennaro Parlato Context-Bounded Analysis of Concurrent Queue Systems
by Salvatore La Torre, P. Madhusudan, and Gennaro Parlato (TACAS 2008)
04/02 Ahmed Sobeih Verification of Evolving Simulation Models of Network Protocols Using Incremental State Space Exploration
04/09 Joe Hendrix What Did I Forget? - Decision Procedures for Identifying Incomplete Specifications
04/16 Mohsen Vakilian Change Distilling:Tree Differencing for Fine-Grained Source Code Change Extraction
by Beat Fluri, Michael Wuersch, Martin Pinzger, and Harald C. Gall (TSE 2007)
04/23 Steven Lauterburg Incremental State-Space Exploration for Programs with Dynamically Allocated Data
by Steven Lauterburg, Ahmed Sobeih, Darko Marinov, Mahesh Viswanathan (ICSE 2008)
04/30 Daniel Hoodin An Empirical Evaluation of Test Case Filtering Techniques Based On Exercising Complex Information Flows
by David Leon, Wes Masri, Andy Podgurski (ICSE 2005)

Fall 2007

Fall 2007 meetings: 4124 SC, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Fridays

Date Presenter Topic
08/31 Brett Daniel Automated Testing of Refactoring Engines
B. Daniel, D. Dig, K. Garcia, and D. Marinov (ESEC/FSE 2007)
09/07 writer's workshop
(read & annotate paper before coming)
ReBA: Refactoring-aware Binary Adapter for Component-based Applications
D. Dig, S. Negara, V. Mohindra, and R. Johnson (to be submitted to ICSE 2008)
09/14 Binh Le Beyond Refactoring: A Framework for Modular Maintenance of Crosscutting Design Idioms
Macneil Shonle, William G. Griswold, and Sorin Lerner (ESEC/FSE 2007)
09/28 Danny Dig
(practice talk for PhD defense)
Automated Upgrade of Component-Based Applications
suggested reading: ReBA: Refactoring-aware Binary Adapter for Component-based Applications
10/05 Justin King The NMI Build & Test Laboratory: Continuous Integration Framework for Distributed Computing Software
A. Pavlo, P. Couvares, R. Gietzel, A. Karp, I. Alderman, M. Livny, and C. Bacon (LISA '06)
10/12 Tanya Crenshaw Estimating Software Component Reliability by Leveraging Architectural Models
by Roshanak Roshandel, Somo Banerjee, Leslie Cheung, Nenad Medvidovic, Leana Golubchik (ICSE 2006)
10/19 Baris Aktemur Library Specialization Problem
(work in progress)
10/26 Steven Lauterburg Iterative Context Bounding for Systematic Testing of Multithreaded Programs
by Madan Musuvathi and Shaz Qadeer (PLDI '07)
11/02 Mohsen Vakilian Aligning Development Tools with the Way Programmers Think About Code Changes
by Marat Boshernitsan, Susan L. Graham, and Marti A. Hearst (CHI 2007)
11/09 Vilas Shekhar Bangalore Jagannath
Context-Based Detection of Clone-Related Bugs
by Lingxiao Jiang, Zhendong Su and Edwin Chiu (ESEC/FSE 2007)
11/16 Roshanak Zilouchian Heuristic Ranking of Java Program Edits for Fault Localization
by Xiaoxia Ren and Barbara G. Ryder (ISSTA'07)
11/30 Choonghwan Lee Practical Memory Leak Detection using Guarded Value-Flow Analysis
by Sigmund Cherem, Lonnie Princehouse and Radu Rugina (PLDI'07)
12/06 Marat Boshernitsan
from Agitar
Trends and Techniques in Unit Testing: From Daikon to Agitator and Beyond

Spring 2007

Spring 2007 meetings: 4124 SC, 1:00 – 2:00 pm on Fridays

Date Presenter Topic
02/02 Ralph Johnson Semantic patches for documenting and automating collateral evolutions in Linux device drivers
Y. Padioleau, R. Hansen, J. Lawall, and G. Muller (PLOS 2006)
02/09 Darko Marinov Writing Good Software Engineering Research Papers
Mary Shaw (ICSE 2003)
02/16 Danny Dig Refactoring-aware Configuration Management for Object-Oriented Programs
D. Dig, K. Manzoor, R. Johnson, T. Nguyen (ICSE 2007)
02/23 Justin King Parallel Randomized State-space Search
Matthew B. Dwyer, Sebastian Elbaum, Suzette Person, Rahul Purandare (ICSE 2007)
03/02 Chao Liu SOBER: Statistical Model-based Bug Localization
Chao Liu, Xifeng Yan, Long Fei, Jiawei Han and Samuel Midkiff (FSE 2005)
03/30 Vilas Shekhar Bangalore Jagannath Wrapper-Based Evolution of Legacy Information Systems
Philippe Thiran, Jean-Luc Hainaut, Geert-Jan Houben, Djamal Benslimane (TOSEM October 2006)
04/06 Binh Le
Fault Detection Capability by Selectively Retaining Test Cases during Test Suite Reduction
Dennis Jeffrey, Neelam Gupta (IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 108-123, Feb., 2007)
04/13 Brett Daniel
The Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Software Systems with Reusable Components
Don Batory and Sean O'Malley (TOSEM 1992)
04/20 Haoran Yi
Metrics and Laws of Software Evolution The Nineties View
M.M. Lehman, J.F. Ramil, P.D. Wernick, D.E. Perry
Evolution in Open Source Software: A Case Study
Michael W. Godfrey, Qiang Tu
04/27 Kely Garcia
Time Aware Test Suite Prioritization
Kristen R. Walcott, Mary Lou Soffa, Gregory M. Kapfhammer and Robert S. Roos (ISSTA 2006)
05/11 Choonghwan Lee
Using Model Checking to Find Serious File System Errors
Junfeng Yang, Paul Twohey, Dawson Engler, Madanlal Musuvathi (OSDI 2004)
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