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Engineering Online: Information for Instructors and TAs

This space is a work in progress as we attempt to define and document relevant information for our instructors and TAs. If you do not see an answer to your question on this space, please email your question to engronline-support@illinois.edu] and we'll add it to this site. Some of the pages on this space are restricted to faculty, who will be prompted to log in.

Welcome to the Engineering Online Internal documentation space. This space is restricted to faculty and TAs associated with teaching a course online. The space outlines policies, procedures, and tips gathered over time.

The student online portal, including information for online students is found at http://online-students.engineering.illinois.edu.

  • Muting the projector in a classroom will NOT mute the recorded image. If your computer is connected to the room A/V system, it may be captured.
  • If your lecture runs long, the recording may end before you finish. We add a few minutes of extra time to recordings, but no more than 5 minutes or so.

General Policies

Password protection of video content

All course lecture recordings are to be password protected. Access is determined by department, with a range of options to restrict access to students in the course; students in the department; or open to all University users. Lectures must be restricted no later than the 2nd week of the semester. Password protection is required by the University in order to protect the copyright of the lecture media.

Non-course content (guest speakers, seminars) need not be protected by password. Access to these materials will be determined at the unit level.

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