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Multi-Layer and Multi-Resolution Networks of Interacting Agents in Adversarial Environments

The Third-Year Review will be held on Nov 1st! Check the Agenda.

Welcome to the website of our multi-disciplinary research program! This MURI research program will develop a fundamental basis for analysis of large-scale complex multi-agent systems in adversarial environments using analytical and experimental game theory. The program will create a foundation for a new comprehensive game theory for multiphysics-like systems involving multiple time scales and multiple types of engineered and social entities, and will yield explicit algorithms and transitions that can be directly applied in current battlefield and regional conflicts. More broadly the proposed program can be expected to influence and set a new direction for the entire controls and game theory research community.

Our vision is to develop a comprehensive multi-layer multi-resolution framework, with associated theory, computational algorithms and experimental testbeds, for dynamic games played on multiple scales by spatially distributed teams of human and automated decision makers, who communicate and interact over a network and are subject to adversarial action. In our proposed framework, the agents interact in a three-tiered architecture, as depicted in the above figure. Level 1 is the highest level at which the agents operate and decisions are made. Decision makers can be organized as a hierarchy even within that level. Level 2, which we call the information level, is where data, models, and actionable information reside and are exchanged. Finally, Level 3 consists of the physical communication network that is used for Levels 1 and 2, and contains software entities (such as routing and coding protocols, and address databases) and hardware entities (such as routers, relays, and wireless antennas), as well as sensors and actuators with which the teams interface with the dynamic physical environment.


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