Magnetic Resonance Imaging Journal Club

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Welcome to MRI Journal Club, a journal club on emerging MRI techniques and applications.

Club Activities:

At this semester, the journal club features at the following two forms of weekly activities

  • One long talk (about 40 ~ 45 minutes)
  • Two short talks (each one about 15 ~ 20 minutes) (can be presented by one or two speakers)

For a long talk, it is usually presented by one speaker. For the two short talks, they can be presented by two speakers or one speaker with two different topics.

The Topics of Interest:

  • MRI physics
    • Spin physics
    • MRI hardware system
    • Pulse sequence design
  • MRI signal processing techniques
    • Data acquisition
    • Image reconstruction
    • Motion correction
  • MRI applications
    • Cardiovascular imaging
    • Brain imaging
    • Speech imaging
  • Other topics
    • Generic signal and information processing techniques
    • Scientific news in biomedical engineering
    • Research experience that you want to share with the audience
    • Research problems for which you want to seek suggestions

Time and Place:

Every Friday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm at 5239 BI

2011 Fall Activity Schedule:

  • Long Talks
    Date Speaker Topics Abstract and References


If you want to schedule a talk at the journal club or have any suggestion for club activities, please send emails to the club moderators: Bo Zhao ( and Wenmiao Lu (

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